Customer Stories

“Complete Hierarchies allows our sales team to have a clear visualization of a company hierarchy and identify whitespace.”

Heidi Davis, Manager of Sales Operations & Global Data


Customer Stories

Short Reads. Big Impact.

Got a minute? Check out how our customers are crushing their growth goals with powerful lead assignment and automated account hierarchies.

How Copado achieved 4x faster speed-to-lead with Traction Complete

Highlights Eliminated hours of manual lead-to-account matching and routing per week Improved post-event speed-to-lead, which led to a 160% pipeline...

How Olive Tree Holdings spends 95% less time managing APEX code with Traction Complete

Olive Tree Holdings dealt with thousands of leads but couldn’t handle them with Salesforce Flow or APEX.

How Hexagon improved sales efficiency, customer experience, and ABM with Complete Hierarchies

Thanks to a 360° view of accounts.

How YMCA of San Diego County decreased duplicates by over 75% with Complete Clean

Duplicate records were flooding their CRM.

How GTA Homes reduced their data footprint by 57% with deduplication

And improved their rep response time with powerful no-code matching and routing.

How Zoom drove sales efficiency and effectiveness with clean account hierarchies

Complete Hierarchies as a game-changer for Zoom’s Sales and Sales Operations teams.

How Cresta’s RevOps team overhauled territory planning and lead routing

Cresta’s RevOps team struggled to build out their sales territories and scale their lead routing process.

How Privy Eliminated Hours of Custom Coding Assignment Rules

Privy unlocked new insights and better selling opportunities.

How Coveo Improved Lead to Account Matching Accuracy by 74%

And saved hundreds of hours in manual data cleanup.

How Asana Scaled Lead Routing with Traction Complete

Asana grappled with increasing volumes of leads, lagging response times, and complex assignment rules.

How Cisco Improved Lead & Account Assignment Accuracy by 150%

Cisco dealt with an overwhelming number of daily incoming leads that needed routing.

How Windstream Scaled with a Unified View of the Customer

Traction Complete helped Windstream go from 6 million Salesforce records down to 200,000.

How Veracode Unlocked Key Accounts with Traction Complete

Traction Complete helped Veracode say goodbye to manually built account hierarchies.

How the University of Notre Dame Got Smart About Data

Discover the difference that Complete Hierarchies made for UND.

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Complete Hierarchies is mission critical software for any company selling into large enterprise organizations. 

Steven Tan, ON24

Hierarchies is helping to drive strategy for every side of our business.

Scott Ellsworth, Windstream

Game changer in the world of territory disputes and messy account hierarchies.

Hazel Tran, Docusign

The problem we had is that we were growing, and our previous routing tool didn’t scale with us. It wasn’t just the functionality we loved, but the usability within those functions.

Chris Burger, Asana

Complete Leads is helping us adapt phenomenally. The routing UI is superb. With their copy, drag, and paste I’m able to build things out very quickly.

Jim Maddison, Veracode

Working with the Traction Complete support team through implementation has been amazing! 

Chris Gallardo, L.A. Dodgers