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88%reduction in data footprint

We’ve become infinitely more effective… we went from 4 million records down to ~500,000. It’s helping drive strategy for every side of our business.

Scott E. VP of Sales Operations, Windstream Enterprise

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How Olive Tree Holdings spends 95% less time managing APEX code

Olive Tree Holdings used to rely on APEX to match new leads to existing data. When it became too complex to maintain they made the switch.

How Copado achieved 4x faster speed-to-lead with Traction Complete

Copado struggled with slow, manual lead assignment and realized they needed a solution that could provide agility and control.

How Hexagon improved sales efficiency, customer experience, and ABM with Complete Hierarchies

Hexagon needed a better way to visualize and maintain accurate master data in Salesforce.

How YMCA of San Diego County decreased duplicates by over 75% with Complete Clean

The YMCA wanted to improve their member’s online sign-up experience which meant addressing their CRM’s duplicate problem.

How GTA Homes reduced their data footprint by 57% with deduplication

GTA Homes needed to resolve their duplicate issue, as it was leading to conflicts among their agents.

How Zoom drove sales efficiency and effectiveness with clean account hierarchies

Zoom needed a way to visualize accounts hierarchies in Saleforce so their sales reps could effectively sell to global organizations.

How Cresta’s RevOps team overhauled territory planning and lead routing

Cresta struggled to define rules of engagement for their largest accounts due to a lack of visibility into hierarchy structures.

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