Put account hierarchy management on autopilot

Boost GTM teams’ decision-making and sales strategies. Automate account hierarchy creation and management in Salesforce for enhanced visibility and smarter selling.

available on Salesforce App Exchange

Boost GTM teams’ decision-making and sales strategies. Automate account hierarchy creation and management in Salesforce for enhanced visibility and smarter selling.

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Build your hierarchies fast

Pair with any data provider to automatically link parent-child accounts, identify and merge duplicates, and make updates when company structures change.

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Get crystal clear visibility

Unlock a holistic view of a family tree in Salesforce with a UI that displays accounts, inferred accounts, and data from related objects, all in one location.

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Reflect your go-to-market

Easily split a hierarchy or group accounts together to align with your GTM definition. Create multiple custom hierarchies in Salesforce using the drag-and-drop hierarchy builder.

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Enterprise Selling

Drive more revenue

Help reps sell more by highlighting upsell and cross-sell opportunities within their accounts, and providing visbility into whitespace accounts that aren’t yet in Salesforce.

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Build roll-up reports easily

Track sales performance and monitor the health of your relationships across a hierarchy of accounts with built-in hierarchy and any-object roll-up reporting.

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“Complete Hierarchies allows our sales team to identify whitespace and partner with account executives across the globe to sell our platform to its fullest extent.”

Heidi D. Manager of Sales Operations & Global Data, Zoom
Use Cases

How teams use Complete Hierarchies

Enterprise ABM

Visualize target accounts within a hierarchy to focus marketing and sales efforts.

Lead assignment by company hierarchy

Evaluate rules of engagement within a hierarchy before routing leads to reps to prevent territory conflicts.

Hierarchies for territory planning

Determine if an account is part of a corporate family tree before defining account tiers to ensure territories are logical and balanced.

Account assignment

Automatically add newly created accounts to the correct hierarchy and assign them to the right rep.

Account deduplication

Identify, evaluate, and eliminate duplicate accounts within a hierarchy in bulk.


A partner with answers

How is Complete Hierarchies different from Salesforce native account hierarchies?

Native account hierarchies in Salesforce rely on the Parent Account field, which has several limitations. This approach requires all parent accounts to already exist within Salesforce and only supports a single hierarchy view. Consequently, users often encounter issues such as fragmented hierarchies, reporting difficulties, and reduced visibility.

Complete Hierarchies, available as a managed package on the Salesforce AppExchange, addresses these challenges by automatically building, maintaining, and visualizing account hierarchies directly within your Salesforce environment.

Blog: Complete Hierarchies vs. SFDC account hierarchies
Which data providers does Complete Hierarchies work with?

Complete Hierarchies is data agnostic and compatible with any third-party data provider that provides unique account identifiers and information about how accounts relate to one another.


Dun & Bradstreet, ZoomInfo, Leadspace, and Clearbit are some data providers we commonly see our customers use.

Can I use Complete Hierarchies without a data provider?

Yes. Complete Hierarchies requires a common identifier among a group of accounts to build hierarchies in Salesforce. While third-party data providers supply a global ultimate identifier, you can also build hierarchies using any field, such as a domain or territory identifier.

Will Traction Complete share account hierarchy best practices during the implementation phase?

Yes! We’ve become experts in account hierarchy data management after helping hundreds of organizations build their account hierarchies in Salesforce.


During your implementation our team will learn about your unique requirements and share best practices to help you maximize your success.

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