Align your RevOps people, processes, and tech

Remove bottlenecks across the revenue lifecycle so you can focus on moving the needle, not managing the haystack.

Remove bottlenecks across the revenue lifecycle so you can focus on moving the needle, not managing the haystack.

3,500+ Revops Leads Trust Traction Complete


Stop your teams from operating in a vacuum

No more silos. Build the revenue-focused nerve-center of your business removing slow, siloed and manual processes that hold your sales, marketing and customer success teams back.

Take control of bad data  

Dirty, disconnected data wreaks havoc on forecasting, reporting, and revenue. Automate data hygiene so you’re always armed with clean, accurate data.

Align the revenue lifecycle

Disparate and siloed data breaks down across the customer journey. Streamline data and processes across sales, marketing and success teams.

Scale faster and smarter

Stop wasting time and energy on manual processes. Visualize account hierarchies, sales territories, and relationship maps and turn insights into sales and revenue.

“There is a cost to bad data. If we didn’t have a solution like Traction Complete in the first place to scale off, we would be building on a bad foundation that would cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of headaches in the future.”

Stephen Daniels VP of Revenue Operations

Trust your data decision-making

Trying to make sense of data when working with a CRM that’s flooded with duplicates is frustrating. Find and eliminate duplicate data so you and your team have clean, actionable data.


Make retention & expansion easy

Keep a pulse on your largest customers. Global enterprises have complex organizational structures. Get a clear view of account hierarchies and relationships to maximize sales opportunities and avoid territory conflicts.


Update territories at the speed of business

Don’t let data loads and spreadsheets slow down your territory reassignment. Safeguard your pipeline as reps come and go and score, balance and reassign territory ownership right inside Salesforce.


Automate the revenue lifecycle

Say goodbye to workarounds, custom code, and manual interventions. From assignment to territory reassignment, automate data flow across different departments in Salesforce so you can speed up and sell more.


Get insights on buying groups to boost sales

Keep valuable account context inside your Salesforce CRM. Enable sales reps to use relationship maps to retain stakeholder context, multi-thread deals, have better conversations, and drive insights for future deals.

How Cresta’s RevOps team overhauled territory planning and lead routing

Our lead routing was very, very manual. With Traction Complete, we’ve actually been able to automate the process entirely.

Stephen Daniels
Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Cresta


A partner with answers

What is RevOps?

RevOps, short for Revenue Operations, is a strategic and holistic approach that brings together marketing, sales, and customer success teams within an organization to align their efforts towards a common goal of driving revenue growth.

How does Traction Complete’s suite address the needs of Revenue Operations?

Traction Complete offers solutions tailored to the needs of Revenue Operations teams. These include improving data hygiene and trustworthiness, eliminating manual and mundane work, and providing agility and control for quick updates without delays. Products like Complete Clean, Complete Hierarchies, Complete Leads/Automate, and Complete Influence are designed to streamline processes, enhance data accuracy, and improve the overall efficiency of revenue-generating teams. All 100% native within Salesforce.

What is the difference between RevOps and Sales Ops?

Revenue Operations (RevOps) and Sales Operations (Sales Ops) both aim to optimize revenue-generating functions within an organization, but they differ in scope and approach. Sales Operations focus on supporting and improving sales performance by managing sales processes and tools to drive efficiency within the sales function.


In contrast, Revenue Operations take a more comprehensive approach by aligning marketing, sales, and customer success functions to drive revenue growth across the entire customer lifecycle. RevOps teams break down silos between departments, collaborate, and coordinate strategies to optimize revenue-generating activities from lead generation to customer retention and expansion. RevOps require cross-functional cooperation to optimize the end-to-end customer experience and maximize revenue potential.

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