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data and day.

Technology needs people like you. Diverse thinkers, doers, builders, and friendly faces. We like to think we’re making a difference in our customers data and their day, because at the end of it, we’re all human.

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Building software that helps customers simplify their data complexity is what we do, but we’re all about the people behind the product. From our team, to our customers, putting people first matters. It’s driving every part of our business.”

– David Nelson, CEO

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“The way the interview went I never once felt that I was meeting these people for the first time. I always feel thankful to be part of such a wonderful team, where I’m valued as a person and where my opinion matters.”

- Neha, QA Analyst

"It's neat to feel really welcomed and heard as my authentic self—being both trans and queer at Traction Complete. They had me at company values—doing the right thing, the importance of giving back, and the drive to thrive."

- Jasper, Senior Designer

"What I love about being a CSM is being at the forefront of the company where I get to talk to so many different people and engage in brainstorming sessions with them. The great thing about Traction Complete is, I also get to do the same with my colleagues! We're constantly hopping on Zooms to chat through different ideas and questions. Having that support is invaluable and can be really hard to find."

- Lauren, Customer Success Manager

“I think I’m the happiest person I know. I’ve wanted to be a developer since I first sat down at a computer when I was 10-years-old, and now I work with a bunch of my friends.”

- Ernie, VP of Development

Embrace knowledge

We are curious and creative learners, always looking to share and improve.

Foster healthy hearts & heads

We strive for harmony, acceptance and grace in work and in our lives.

Build community

We know we’re stronger together and want to maximize our impact.

Seek adventures & smiles

We love to explore and play, share what makes us happy, and have fun.

Do the right thing

We consider the impact of every decision we make and action we take.

Create opportunity

We actively pursue excellence and are always up for a challenge.

Join the Complete team

We’re looking for awesome people that want to make an impact on their community, those around them, and in their personal and professional growth.

Sound like you? We want to get to know you. Reach out, and tell us more about yourself.

Current Opportunities

Business Development Representative

CANADA – Full Time – Remote
As our Business Development Representative, your top priority is to drive the revenue goals of the company by positioning Traction Complete’s products as essential solutions to protect and grow revenue. You will be the tip of the spear when it comes to initial outreach and engagement with potential customers. Your job is to generate new opportunities through outbound activity as well as to refine and adapt our processes to be more effective.
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Product Developer

CANADA – Full Time – Remote
As a Product Developer on the Traction Complete team, you will be responsible for customizing, developing and supporting the Traction Complete product as it grows into an end-to-end Go-To-Market automation suite on the Salesforce Platform. You will help push our technical success to new heights by driving technical culture, defining standards and mentoring other developers – ensuring they grow into technical leaders too someday.
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Customer Success Manager

CANADA – Full Time – Remote
As our Customer Success Manager, your top priority is to communicate and solve our client’s technical problems.  This communication can be through email, help desk tickets, phone, forums and even smoke signals, if required. The individuals who thrive in this role view solutions from a holistic point of view. They’re advocates for their clients and they have an ingrained sense of curiosity.
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