Match leads to accounts in Salesforce

Stop wasting time juggling leads or wrestling with custom code. Automatically match incoming leads to the right account and help your reps follow up faster.


reps’ time is spent on non-sales tasks and navigating messy data


Salesforce siloes leads from accounts

When created in Salesforce, leads are not connected to accounts which can lead to duplicates and poor customer experiences.

Manual matching slows you down

You’re forced to spend time searching through Salesforce to see if a lead is net-new or related to an existing account.

Account conflicts erode customer trust

When multiple reps accidentally reach out to the same person, it can be embarrassing and undermines customer trust in your business.

Duplicate leads are costly

Without lead-to-account matching your CRM can become filled with duplicates, affecting reporting and causing conflicts among reps.



Connect leads to the right account

Match incoming leads to existing accounts for faster follow-up and better conversions. No need to maintain custom code.

Automate manual work

Save time by automating the lead-to-account matching process. Give your sales and marketing teams the space to focus on work that moves the needle.

Increase routing accuracy

Reference data on the matched account such as existing account ownership to ensure leads are always routed to the right rep.

Tailor every interaction

Give your reps visibility into existing account activity so they can personalize their communication and have better customer conversations.

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Give reps cleaner data and more context

Complete Leads
Customizable match criteria

Ability to set the priority for match types and add tiebreakers

Not Included
Account-level overview

UI on lead record displays all related records and activity for an account.

Not Included
Auto-merge duplicate leads

Not Included
Auto-convert leads to contacts

Not Included
Add account lookups to lead records 

Not Included
Stamp account-level data on lead records

Not Included
Populate company name and website from email domains

Not Included


Streamline account-based selling

No code

Make changes to matching and routing flows in minutes.

Hierarchy matching

Match leads to the right level within a complex company hierarchy.

Any object matching

Create custom match rules based on any object in Salesforce.


Prompt fast follow-up by notifying reps in Slack or Email.

Any object routing

Route leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and more.

Visual history log 

Audit matching results with a detailed history log at every step.

We saw a 74% uptick in successful lead-to-account matches compared to native Salesforce which has saved us hundreds of hours of cleaning up data manually.

George S. Director of Marketing Operations & Technology, Coveo


A partner with answers

What is lead-to-account matching?

Lead-to-account is a process that connects inbound leads to their corresponding existing accounts within Salesforce. This process ensures that if a lead belongs to an account already managed by an account manager, the system notifies and assigns the lead to that account manager.

Why do companies need third-party lead-to-account matching solutions in Salesforce?

Salesforce’s data architecture separates leads from accounts, contacts, and opportunities to reflect different customer journey stages. But many organizations need to link leads to accounts before conversion to prevent duplicates and support account-based marketing and routing.


Automated lead-to-account matching solutions like Complete Leads from Traction Complete help organizations address these limitations in Salesforce without requiring custom code or complex configuration of matching rules.

Are Traction Complete’s products 100% native to Salesforce?

Yes! All of Traction Complete’s products are 100% native to Salesforce which means there is no integration to maintain and your data never leaves your org.

Automate your lead-to-account matching