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How Asana scaled lead routing with Traction Complete



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San Francisco, California


  • Improved speed-to-lead and sales effectiveness by eliminating manual lead routing and preventing routing to inactive sales reps
  • Enabled the RevOps team to quickly build and manage lead routing rules in a visual, no-code environment
  • Introduced region-specific flows that allowed teams to manage their own set of custom routing rules


Asana is a web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. More than 114,000 organizations across 190 countries rely on Asana to manage product launches, marketing campaigns, company objectives, and more.

The Challenge

With success came growth. With growth came added layers of lead routing complexity. Asana grappled with increasing volumes of leads, lagging response times, and complex assignment rules that became impossible to maintain using native Salesforce Assignment Rules and custom code. Leaders across the organization were requesting region-specific routing rules — but their existing process made changes difficult and time-consuming to implement. They also found leads and accounts assigned to reps that no longer worked at the company or had moved to another territory. Both meant missed revenue opportunities.

“The problem we had is that we were growing, and our previous routing tool didn’t scale with us.” -Chris B. Sr. Manager, Global Revenue Operations


Improved Speed-to-Lead By implementing Complete Leads, leads were automatically matched to accounts and routed to the right rep in seconds. This improved sales effectiveness while reducing hours of manual work triaging leads.

“The number one benefit about using Traction Complete is the fact that we’re able to route our leads automatically almost as soon as a lead gets into the system, it’s real-time routing.” – Miriam Rosas Cano, Revenue Operations Analyst


Ability to Route Any Object
Under the hood, Asana was empowered with deeper usability. When it came to things like account, opportunity, and custom object routing, the ability to build more complex workflows was a standout.

Scaling Operations Efficiently
It all came down to the ability to easily make changes to their routing logic using a no-code, drag & drop UI. With the ability to visualize routing rules and build out region-specific routing flows has been a game-changer. Now the RevOps team can make routing changes only where needed and without the need for code or endless Salesforce development cycles.

Outstanding Customer Support
Functionality and usability aside, Traction Complete’s Customer Success team impressed Asana by outperforming at every step of the way. By taking time to fully understand Asana’s need for flexibility and tailoring the implementation, the teams were able to build a true partnership. Now they are saving time on what they’d call the “busy work”, and turning missed opportunities into more revenue.

The Final Word

With several offerings available, Asana chose Complete Leads because it had everything they needed to automate their go-to-market in Salesforce. With the most robust lead routing platform on the market, Asana was empowered to continue their accelerated growth across all Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Operations teams.

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