Easily manage territories in Salesforce

Skip the spreadsheets and data loads. Visualize, balance, and manage territory ownership right inside Salesforce.


weeks to reassign territories manually in Salesforce


Managing territories in Salesforce is frustrating

Teams often resort to managing territories with spreadsheets because Salesforce requires custom development, involves manual work, and provides limited visibility.

Lack of territory visibility 
wastes time

Getting a consolidated view of a sales territory in Salesforce isn’t easy. It requires hours of pulling multiple reports and stitching them together.

Scoring and balancing requires custom code

Calculating territory scores and ensuring they’re balanced in Salesforce requires you to build advanced roll-up summaries and custom formulas spanning multiple objects.

Reassignment is tedious and manual

Manually updating record ownership or using data loads is time-consuming. If not addressed, this can cause open opportunities and hot leads to be assigned to inactive owners.



Set territory execution on super speed

Keep territories balanced and ensure record ownership is always up to date without leaving Salesforce.

Unlock a 360-degree territory view

Get a consolidated view of all records associated with a territory to eliminate time spent searching across Salesforce and building reports.

Score and balance territories out of the box 

Set your team up for success. Help sellers hit quota and teams smash pipeline and revenue KPIs by scoring, balancing, and updating territories right inside Salesforce.

Reassign in minutes—
not weeks

Make mass changes to account ownership, including related child objects, with just a few clicks. Ensure no lead, account, or opportunity goes untouched.

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Adapt to territory changes in real time

Territory UI

View all the accounts in a territory including related objects in one view.

Rollup reporting

Rollup data from any object to any object with a lookup or master-detail relationship.

Territory scoring

Score a territory based on a set of criteria or metrics.

Territory balancer

Drag-and-drop accounts between territories for even or strategically uneven groupings of accounts.

Mass modification

Bulk update ownership of records and their related sub-object records.

100% Salesforce native

Ensure your data never leaves your org. 

Cisco improves territory-based record assignment accuracy by 150%

My team no longer spends their bandwidth manually checking if records within a territory are accurately assigned.

Cameron B.

Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Cisco


A partner with answers

What is mass territory reassignment? 

Mass territory reassignment is a process that redistributes accounts, leads, opportunities and related records among sales territories.


Mass territory reassignment solutions like Traction Complete streamline this process for sales operations teams. By allowing users to update one territory ownership field, ownership changes will then automatically cascade across all records within the territory.

What is territory scoring and balancing?

Territory scoring involves evaluating accounts within a territory based on their potential value and helps sales operations teams divide territory equally between sales reps.


To streamline and support these tasks, Traction Complete offers tools — like roll-up anything — for sales operations teams to roll up data from any object to any other object within a territory. This lets you create weighted scores that reflect the unique criteria from every account and opportunity. And you can then reallocate accounts between territories to distribute them more equitably, ensuring effective coverage and optimized sales potential.

Why do you need mass territory reassignment?

Inaccurate territory ownership in Salesforce can cause great-fit accounts and leads to be assigned to inactive sales reps. This can result in territory conflicts, subpar customer experience, and missed sales opportunities. 

Are Traction Complete’s products 100% native to Salesforce?

Yes! All of Traction Complete’s products are 100% native to Salesforce which means there is no integration to maintain and your data never leaves your org.

Modernize your territory management in Salesforce