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How GTA Homes reduced their data footprint by 57% with deduplication

57%smaller data footprint


Real Estate


Toronto, Ontario


  • Reduced their data footprint from 300,000 leads to 130,000 with mass deduplication
  • Implemented proactive deduplication rules which matched and merged incoming leads so sales reps had access to a 360-degree view of their clients
  • Improved their rep response time with a powerful no-code matching and routing solution


GTA Homes is a group of expert real estate brokers that provide services in buying, selling, and investing in homes. With relationships with many of the top developers in the Greater Toronto area, they guarantee front-line access to condo projects. They also educate and assist their clients so they can get real facts and market insights.

The Challenge

GTA Homes has used Salesforce for years but struggled to get the most value from their CRM.

Overwhelmed with duplicates
One of the main issues was duplicate leads which created challenges when it came to reporting and making sure that the sales team was following up with the right people. Due to prospects using multiple email addresses and completing forms for multiple real estate projects, there were anywhere from 2 to 10 duplicate lead records for a single person. This meant reps were spending precious time combing through Salesforce, trying to determine if leads were net-new or already owned by another rep.

“Many leads were registering for multiple projects with different emails, but it’s the same person. Those circumstances needed a more robust solution with the ability to add in logic and multiple tiebreakers to find those matches and merge properly.

– Chris MacLean, Salesforce Consultant at GTA Homes

Struggling to maintain native Salesforce Assignment Rules
On top of that, the team was relying on native Salesforce Assignment Rules to route leads to the correct rep. The team was spending 5+ hours a week setting up new routing rules for projects and adjusting schedules for sales agents. Oftentimes, incoming leads were missed when reps were out of the office or on vacation. Overall, GTA Homes needed a Salesforce native solution that cleaned up their duplicates, matched incoming leads to existing records, and allowed business users to modify routing rules without code.


GTA Homes used Complete Clean and Complete Leads to eliminate their duplicate challenge and modernize their lead matching and routing.

Goodbye duplicates once and for all
Complete Clean allowed GTA Homes to match and merge 170,000 duplicate records.

“Before, we had around 300,000 leads in Salesforce. Some leads had anywhere from 2 to 10 duplicates. With Complete Clean, we were able to dedupe down to 130,000 records without losing critical prospect data.”


With Complete Clean’s customizable match settings, they were able to uncover matches based on the fields and values that mattered most. Plus, they had control over which fields to retain with multiple, customizable tiebreakers. Complete Clean also allowed GTA Homes to preview their merge plans, offering peace of mind that no valuable data about their clients would be lost.

“It was great because we could see how our dedupe plans were going to play out before we hit merge. Never in my career have I been able to tackle a duplicate situation like the one we had here so quickly.”


To maintain their duplicate-free Salesforce org, they built scheduled flows to periodically check for duplicates that may arise.

Routing with the future in mind
Complete Leads allowed GTA Homes to build a robust and scalable routing system that would serve the team for years to come. First, Complete Lead’s drag-and-drop interface allowed the team to build routing rules based on their unique territories. GTA Homes works with thousands of real estate projects across the Greater Toronto Area with different cities tied to different user groups. The interface also made routing rules easy to understand, meaning that sales leaders could access the routing rules and make their own changes on the fly.

“Complete Leads is so straightforward to use that our sales leaders can make updates when they need to. I would have never let anyone who isn’t a Salesforce Administrator anywhere near our old assignment system.”


Next, Complete Leads allowed the team to speed up their response times by only routing to reps who were available and in the office. Availability plays a massive role in routing for GTA Homes, so ensuring fast response times was a must.

“It means no one has to go in and configure the entire routing system when a rep goes on vacation. We can take them out of queues with a few clicks. It allows us to stay nimble.”


Finally, they were able to implement a more complex weighted round-robin system that routed based on rep seniority without the headache of maintenance.

The Final Word

Complete Clean and Complete Leads empowered GTA Homes by making deduplication, matching, and routing a breeze. They could finally create routing rules to support their complex go-to-market needs; plus they can keep their CRM clean without having to worry about losing valuable client information.

“The success team has been phenomenal. We’re in communication all the time, they’re very responsive, and they’re very thoughtful with how they work with us and can get very creative with their solutions as well. It’s amazing where we’ve gone in just a few months.”

It’s a solution that will benefit their revenue teams for years to come.

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