Detect, remove, and prevent duplicates in Salesforce

Detect and remove duplicates in bulk and as new records enter Salesforce. Say goodbye to dirty data and make more confident decisions.


per duplicate is
the cost of dirty data


Deduplication in Salesforce is manual

You’re juggling a lot. The last thing you should be spending your time on is tedious, repetitive data cleanup in Salesforce.

Dupes are hard to find

Salesforce flags potential duplicates only when viewing an individual record, providing no way to identify duplicates at scale.

Max merge of 3 records

Manually merging records will work if you’re cleaning a small number of records, but what do you do if you get hundreds of new records daily?

Manual review required

Determining record survivorship and field retention in Salesforce is a manual per-record process and it gets out of hand fast.



Get to the root of your data hygiene fast

Automatically identify and merge duplicate records at scale to ensure your team always has data they can trust.

Eliminate duplicates fast

Identify groups of duplicates, customize how records are merged, preview before committing, and then generate reports to show what was merged, all with no code.

Clean & keep it clean

Dedupe large volumes of existing records, then keep your data clean by implementing proactive deduplication to stop bad data from entering Salesforce again.

Trust your data

Stop relying on skewed reports or inflated forecasts. Eliminate and prevent duplicate data in Salesforce so you can be confident you are making decisions with reliable data.

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Speed up data deduplication in Salesforce

Complete Clean
Mass duplicate identification

Find duplicates in bulk.

Not Included
Customizable survivorship criteria

Configure survivorship criteria in bulk to control which records are kept.

Not Included
Customizable field retention criteria

Configure field retention criteria in bulk to control which fields are is kept. 

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Mass deduplication

Merge any number of records together at a time.

Not Included
Any object dedupe

Mass merge any object in Salesforce, including custom objects.

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Preview UI

Preview how records will be merged before committing.

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Proactive deduplication

Auto-merge duplicates upon entry.

Not Included


Clear away the data clutter

Any object dedupe

Support for any object in Salesforce.

100% Salesforce native

Keep your data safe by ensuring it never leaves your org.


Start cleansing in minutes with a guided no-code UI.


Dedupe large data volumes without being restricted by your local machine.

Customizable rules

Customize survivorship and field retention rules to decide what is kept.

Multi-user login

Allow multiple users to assist with dedupe projects.

Multiple tiebreakers

Get more precise than other tools by creating a hierarchy of winning criteria.

Merge preview

See how merge criteria will impact records.

I love that Complete Clean gives me the ability to preview before I hit merge. It gives me a huge sense of trust in the dedupe process and I love that I can view everything right inside Salesforce.

Joyce C. Operational Software Manager, YMCA of San Diego County


A partner with answers

What is mass deduplication software?

Mass deduplication software automates the matching and merging of existing records in Salesforce. Complete Clean from Traction Complete gives you granular control over the matching and merging process, helping you efficiently eliminate duplicates within minutes.

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What is duplicate prevention software?

Duplicate prevention software stops bad data from entering your CRM by matching and merging duplicate records in real time. 

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How Complete Clean different from Salesforce’s built-in duplicate management functionality? 

Salesforce’s built-in duplicate management functionality flags and blocks duplicates based on your custom rules. However, when resolving those duplicates you can only merge up to three records at a time which can lead to incomplete merges and time-consuming clean-up projects. 

Complete Clean, available as a managed package on the Salesforce AppExchange, addresses these limitations by helping you:

    • Dedupe any Salesforce object without code
    • Set custom survivorship and field-by-field retention rules for more control over the merge process
    • Merge any number of records into one

Are Traction Complete’s products 100% native to Salesforce?

Yes! All of Traction Complete’s products are 100% native to Salesforce which means there is no integration to maintain and your data never leaves your org.

How can I learn more about duplicate management best practices in Salesforce?

We recommend downloading the Step-by-Step Guide to Deduplication to learn how to get started on your next deduplication project. If you have more questions about keeping data clean in Salesforce reach out to our team of experts.

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