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How Veracode unlocked key accounts with Traction Complete

100%reduction in hierarchy related territory-conflicts


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  • Saved SalesOps weeks of time by automating territory, account, and opportunity assignments in Salesforce
  • Reduced internal rep conflict by visualizing hierarchy structures and detailing related records and hierarchy ownership directly on the account record
  • Increased business agility and speed to lead by replacing custom code with customizable, no-code lead assignment and automation rules


Veracode is a global leader in application security and services. Its cloud-based platform reduces risk across software infrastructures and allows businesses to innovate new applications. Veracode’s sales team of over 150 people offers professional solutions to hundreds of customers, including one-third of Fortune 100 companies.

The Challenge

Complex legacy code created conflicts and increased overhead

We were running into an unfriendly user interface. We were stretching the bounds with our prior solution and finding that it wasn’t meeting the solution needs that our business leaders wanted.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

Before partnering with Traction Complete, Veracode relied on custom code in Salesforce to automate lead assignment and territory management.

As the company’s requirements grew in sophistication, so too did its legacy code. Each additional line of code increased the CRM’s complexity and created challenges such as sync issues within its other Salesforce apps.

Since Veracode’s lead management system depended heavily on custom code, every modification required hiring an experienced developer or Salesforce admin. This frequent need to onboard new technical expertise not only increased operational costs but also slowed down the company’s go-to-market (GTM) speed.

What we were finding was the solution that we were using… meant that every time that we needed a change, we needed to hire a developer to kind of write code.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

Each delay in implementing assignment updates directly impacted Veracode’s agility, preventing them from quickly adapting to market shifts or capitalizing on new opportunities — not to mention the additional frustration from an unfriendly and challenging user interface (UI).

Manual processes delayed response times

On the lead management side, Veracode implemented 800 to 900 rule criteria for assigning leads. However, leads that Veracode’s system couldn’t automatically match and assign fell into a catchall queue.

This setup required manual intervention — staff needed to regularly review this queue and manually determine the appropriate owner for each unassigned lead.

Veracode also had to default to this manual process when an account changed from a prospect to a customer or a territory ownership change request came in.

Veracode’s operations team spent hours each week making these adjustments, delaying timely follow-ups between business development representatives (BDRs) and customers.

Inefficient account visibility slowed sales operations

Veracode’s sales teams faced delays in responding to leads because they often sold to complex, global organizations and needed to understand where an account fit within a hierarchy before responding.

Sales reps had to repeatedly navigate through several related objects, drill down into account hierarchies, and continuously backtrack to piece together a complete view of the account.

This repeated back-and-forth process not only delayed the company’s ability to act on opportunities but was also prone to errors, as reps could miss or overlook critical details.


Regaining flexibility, agility, and control with no-code 

Traction Complete’s no-code, drag-and-drop UI in Complete Leads gave Veracode the ability to quickly modify matching and assignment rules without having to depend on an IT team or a Salesforce administrator.

The UI [in Complete Leads] is superb, with their copy, drag, and paste — I’m able to build things out very quickly.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

With Complete Leads, Veracode was able to migrate all its lead assignment rules into Salesforce rapidly. This consolidation not only simplified the company’s Salesforce org but also enhanced its lead management system.

Previously, Veracode had about 800 to 900 rule criteria to route leads to their appropriate owner. But leads that didn’t meet this criteria fell into a catchall queue, requiring manual intervention to identify proper ownership.

Now, with Traction Complete’s help, Veracode can implement lead-assignment triggers that activate when additional information — such as lead scores obtained through marketing automation tools — gets updated on a lead. This new setup ensures that even leads that initially go into the catch-all queue get quickly and automatically reassigned to the correct person.

[Traction Complete] is very valuable to our team, because our business is constantly evolving. We’ve had to adapt and move very quickly … [our sales teams] can’t wait months to get their leads assigned to them.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

Helping BDR move faster and get the right leads 

Traction Complete gave Veracode’s BDRs, business operations team, and sales team detailed visibility into the company’s complex account structures, enabling them to rapidly identify and engage with the right leads.

Our sales model … [makes it] very important for the sales reps to be able to see all the subsidiaries under a particular account. Complete Hierarchies has allowed us to do that in a very scalable way.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

With Complete Hierarchies, Veracode’s teams can now view account hierarchies and other related objects seamlessly. With just a few clicks, sales reps can now access related opportunities and contacts they should be working with — all from within a single account view.

Something like this in the past would require a sales rep to go into related objects, drill down, look at the opportunities, go back and go back again, look for a contact. A lot of back and forth, and you can lose people or records through the shuffle. [Traction Complete] has made it very simple for people to find all the information within one little screen.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

The flexibility and automation capabilities of Traction Complete’s solutions also help Veracode’s team handle account ownership changes and territory reassignments with unprecedented speed. 

When I have a request to change a territory or to change how records need to be assigned, I can do it within hours instead of weeks… it has reduced a lot of headaches for me.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

Automating beyond lead assignment

Traction Complete’s solutions became a cornerstone tool for its operations. In addition to assigning leads automatically, Traction Complete also helps Veracode automate territory assignment onto leads and route leads to external partners. Traction Complete’s automation engine has uncovered solutions to problems that Veracode previously lacked effective solutions for, enabling the organization to automate and streamline processes they hadn’t previously considered.

[Traction Complete] is probably one of the most important tools that [we’re] using today.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

Beyond the automation possibilities, Veracode also appreciated how effectively they were able to build out automated processes right out of the box without needing a dev, IT, or Salesforce admin team.

It’s very quick to learn. It’s intuitive and you can teach super users, especially in sales ops or marketing ops, and they can run this and set it all up. You can have something that is basically running by another team.

Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

The Final Word

By adopting Complete Leads and Complete Hierarchies, Veracode revolutionized its Salesforce environment. By providing clearer visibility into complex account hierarchies, enabling faster modifications to lead assignment rules, and automating previously cumbersome and error-prone processes, Traction Complete enabled Veracode to respond more swiftly to market changes and execute sales processes faster.

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