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How YMCA of San Diego County decreased duplicates by over 75% with Complete Clean

90%less time spent on manual deduplication



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San Diego, California


  • Complete Clean empowered the YMCA of San Diego County to decrease duplicate records by more than 75%.


Through a number of programs and services focused on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, the YMCA is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening the community. The YMCA of San Diego County is the largest YMCA association in the United States, with 14 facility branches and over 3,500 employees.

The Challenge

Duplicate data coming from everywhere
The YMCA of San Diego County migrated from a legacy system to Salesforce with the help of Traction Complete’s sister company, Traction Rec. But it wasn’t long before they ran into a problem with duplicate records flooding their CRM. One source of dirty data came from YMCA staff who were getting accustomed to using Salesforce. But the bigger issue was duplicate records that came from community users. When users went to create a new account, if their email didn’t exist in the legacy system, this created a duplicate record in Salesforce. Oftentimes users provided multiple personal email addresses that were impossible to match and they frequently added and removed people from their membership.

Before they knew it, they had over 4,000 duplicate records in their CRM.
Because duplicate records were being created faster than they could get manually merged in Salesforce, they were creating a poor customer experience. Community users couldn’t log in to access their member records and were being charged the wrong prices. This led to the YMCA of San Diego County’s call centre being overwhelmed with calls that stemmed from duplicate data.

“I was spending 90% of my days working on duplicates and I might have only been able to eliminate 20 or 30 in a day.”

– Joyce Caudillo, Operational Software Manager, YMCA of San Diego Country


The YMCA of San Diego needed a smarter way to manage its duplicate records — that’s where Complete Clean made a world of a difference.

Reducing duplicate records and keeping the data that matters most
Complete Clean’s guided, no-code UI allowed the YMCA of San Diego County to dedupe from over 4,000 records to under 1,000. With the ability to customize matching rules and create multiple tiebreakers, Complete Clean allowed the team to build tailored merge plans that identified hard-to-find matches. For example, Complete Clean’s match settings were customized to compare birthdate fields. Something native Salesforce duplicate rules could not do. The team was also able to build a series of tiebreakers that checked key data points such as membership contract status and account balance to help identify winning and losing records.

“You feel really good when you run Complete Clean. you go through, preview the records, hit the merge button, and you’re done. And you’ve gotten rid of 300 to 400 duplicate records at a time.”

Now, every two weeks,  they run Complete Clean to eliminate duplicate household accounts and member records.

“I would recommend Complete Clean to every YMCA, JCC, and rec center. Anybody with a database where multiple people are touching it, duplicates are always a problem and this is the best solution I’ve ever found.”

Creating a better experience for staff and community members
Complete Clean also helped identify which staff members were creating duplicate records. This allowed the YMCA to provide additional training and further slow the creation of duplicates. No more duplicates also meant a much better experience for the YMCA of San Diego County’s members. They could seamlessly log in and be confident that they were getting the right pricing.

The Final Word

Duplicate records were creating a poor experience for both the staff and members of the YMCA of San Diego County. And manual deduplication was doing little to slow the growing problem. Complete Clean helped the YMCA team take control over their data, keeping the information that matters most and paving the way for clean, actionable data in the future.

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