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How Privy eliminated hours of custom coding assignment rules

15hours of engineering time per month saved



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Boston, Massachusetts


  • Reduced the amount of time the engineering team spent making changes to account assignment rules from 15 hours/month to zero.
  • Enabled Sales Ops to build new sales motions in less than 5 minutes.
  • Unlocked up-sell and whitespace revenue opportunities and new reporting insights by grouping partner and customer accounts into custom hierarchies.


Privy is an eCommerce marketing platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs, offering tools, education, and support at every step of the buyer journey. The company is used by over 400,000 merchants in 180 countries and has driven over $4 billion in sales.

The Challenge

Before working with Traction Complete, Privy used an in-house assignment tool that was built with custom APEX code and managed by the engineering team. The tool assigned accounts to Privy’s sales reps but wasn’t able to support scenarios where complex criteria were involved.

On top of this, making small changes to assignment criteria or even adding and removing sales reps took several hours of work from the engineering team. It could take up to a week before the sales team saw changes.

“Having that kind of backlog was not an ideal situation,” Nicole, Privy’s Salesforce Administrator, added. “It caused a lot of problems for our sales team as they didn’t want to constantly bog down our engineers with assignment changes when there were other tasks to be taken care of.”

The tool also had limitations in that it couldn’t check the ownership or opportunity status of an account before reassigning. This meant that Sales Ops would spend hours trying to understand why accounts had been reassigned before they eventually found their way back to the original sales rep.

“We operate at high volume, high velocity. So the sooner that we can get criteria and people inputted into the system, the faster we can close deals.”


Privy began using Traction Complete’s suite of tools including Complete Leads and Complete Hierarchies to reduce custom development time, transform their inbound account assignment process, and improve reporting capabilities for multiple departments.

Hours of Saved Time

The flexibility and drag-and-drop UI of Complete Leads means Privy can make changes to assignment criteria without waiting for the engineering team. Before working with Traction Complete, the engineering team spent between 10 to 15 hours a month making changes – now they’re at zero.

“I’m able to build a new [sales motion] in five minutes instead of waiting for our engineering team to find time to prioritize it. It’s a win-win. They can now focus their efforts elsewhere instead of worrying about account assignments.”

For example, the user groups feature in Complete Leads allowed Privy to create multiple round-robins, including one to support onboarding. As sales reps are ramping up, they are assigned smaller accounts. Once trained, the reps are transitioned to the main round-robin with a single click.

Better Reporting that Unlocked New Revenue Opportunities

Privy uses Complete Hierarchies to uncover new insights and opportunities for both the sales and partner team.

For the sales team, custom hierarchies are used to group multiple store locations under a single customer contact. This allows for roll-up reporting and gives sales reps insights into where whitespace and up-sell opportunities are available.

For the partner team, custom hierarchies are used to group partner accounts with the referrals that the respective partner has brought in. This gives the company insights in minutes that they never had before. Roll-up reporting enables them to easily access data like a partner’s MRR, the revenue they are closing, and what kinds of products they are selling. Before Complete Hierarchies, reporting involved hours of juggling data between Google Sheets and Salesforce.

“We’ve never had this kind of insight into the partner program before.”

The Final Word

Traction Complete empowered Privy in a number of different ways. For one, the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop UI of Complete Leads saved hours of effort spent by the engineering team. The sales team no longer has to dread waiting weeks for changes to assignment rules or to add or remove reps.

Complete Hierarchies also gave Privy brand new insight into their largest partners and customers by outlining whitespace and up-sell opportunities.

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