Build sales processes that make sense and money

Improve the quality of your sales data, territories, and overall seller productivity, so you can focus on bigger things.

Improve the quality of your sales data, territories, and overall seller productivity, so you can focus on bigger things.

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Leading the business when change is constant

Managing a complex seller environment in Sales Operations can be tough with balancing demands from sales reps, managers and leadership. Turn your processes and data into a revenue engine and pave the way to profits.

Make data the hero of your sales process

Dirty, disconnected data can guide your sales team in the wrong direction. Automate data hygiene so you’re always armed with clean, accurate data.

Use sales strategies that work

Multi-threading, land and expand and account-based selling are proven strategies. Enable your team with the sales productivity tools that turn actions into deal acceleration.

Update territory ownership in minutes

Stop wasting time with slow, manual processes and or waiting weeks for IT to make changes. Give your team the ability to make changes without delays.

“If we look at the pipeline that Traction Complete has influenced and the cost of our operators that were doing the manual work before Traction came in, we could confidently say that we’re seeing about an 11x return on investment.”

Max Messina Team Lead, Go-To-Market Operations

Make better decisions with clean data

Make your team more productive and your insights more reliable by keeping a clean CRM. Find and eliminate duplicate data so you and your team have clean, actionable data to guide your decisions.


Stop manually connecting accounts

Spend less time manually connecting parent-child accounts and more time analyzing the benefits of the connections. Automate account hierarchy connections to build better, more balanced territories that suit your go-to-market.


Make territory conflicts a thing of the past

Let the process and data set the guardrails. Visualize your account hierarchies, build your territories, and orchestrate your lead assignment rules to create clear boundaries of ownership for your sales reps.


Assign the right lead to the right rep

Say goodbye to workarounds, custom code, and manual interventions. Automate lead assignment and data flows across different departments in Salesforce so you can speed up and sell more.


Make multi-threading easy

Make buyer committee management easy by enabling your sales team with a visual relationship map of the people that matter in their deals and boost their chance of turning pipeline into profits.

Clean account hierarchies help zoom sell more effectively

Complete Hierarchies allows our sales team to have a clear visualization of a company hierarchy and identify whitespace.

Heidi Davis
Manager of Sales Operations & Global Data


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What is Sales Operations?

SalesOps, short for Sales Operations, is a function within a business responsible for supporting and optimizing the sales team’s effectiveness and efficiency. It involves various tasks such as sales process design, performance analysis, sales tools management, territory planning, sales training, and forecasting. SalesOps aims to streamline sales processes, enhance productivity, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

How does Traction Complete’s suite address the needs of Sales Operations?

Traction Complete’s data management suite of apps for Salesforce provides SalesOps teams with the tools they need to maintain data integrity, automate workflows, optimize territory management, and gain valuable insights, ultimately driving efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth.

What is the difference between RevOps and Sales Ops?

Revenue Operations (RevOps) and Sales Operations (Sales Ops) both aim to optimize revenue-generating functions within an organization, but they differ in scope and approach. Sales Operations focus on supporting and improving sales performance by managing sales processes and tools to drive efficiency within the sales function.

In contrast, Revenue Operations take a more comprehensive approach by aligning marketing, sales, and customer success functions to drive revenue growth across the entire customer lifecycle. RevOps teams break down silos between departments, collaborate, and coordinate strategies to optimize revenue-generating activities from lead generation to customer retention and expansion. RevOps require cross-functional cooperation to optimize the end-to-end customer experience and maximize revenue potential.

Where can I learn more about Sales ops best practices?

You can learn more our VLOG series, The Revenue Optimists where you can tune into the minds of RevOps leaders and get expert advice in minutes.

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