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How Olive Tree Holdings spends 95% less time managing APEX code with Traction Complete

95%Less time managing APEX code


Real Estate


New York, New York


Olive Tree Holdings is a private investment company specializing in multi-family real estate throughout the United States. Their portfolio includes over $1 billion in multifamily assets.

The Challenge

Olive Tree Holdings’ sales team relied heavily on an outbound strategy. Large lists of leads had to be loaded into Salesforce, queued, and assigned to a sales rep so they could begin prospecting.

Managing large volumes of records and APEX code
Lead lists contained thousands of records at a time. Olive Tree Holdings’ team originally tried using Salesforce Flow but found it couldn’t manage its volume of leads.

They resorted to APEX code to manage deduplication, enrichment, field updates, and assignment. However, the complexity of the business logic pushed them to a breaking point. They were sacrificing the ability to be nimble by keeping it custom.

“If somebody were to come and try to change some of the logic we would have to decide: Do we spend four weeks doing custom development, testing, and roll out?”

– Christina Tomaselli, Associate Director, Technical Operations & Enablement

Concerns also grew around the longevity and maintenance of their custom code if someone left the organization – would someone be able to pick up and maintain the code?

Complex, constantly changing real estate data
Working in the real estate market meant data was constantly changing. When a lead was uploaded, it would include 30+ columns that needed to be updated across several related objects such as property, company, and person.

“We are matching on multiple records. When a property changes hands and we need to reassign it to a new person, we need to make sure that all related records are also updated.”


The solution was to transition from a custom APEX code to a more sustainable, scalable business process automation solution. Olive Tree Holdings landed on Traction Complete because of its Salesforce native functionality and ability to quickly and asynchronously process large volumes of data.

“What we liked about Traction Complete was everything was housed right inside Salesforce. It was one spot, one workflow where all the business logic was housed. It was very easy for our team to come into the tool, see how everything was being executed, where to make changes, and there was no separate licensing.”

The next step was mapping out their matching logic in Traction Complete’s no-code UI.

Empowering reps with high-quality data
Olive Tree was able to take advantage of the flexible matching engine in Traction Complete. The custom match step allowed them to check for duplicates across multiple related records, as well as merge and make updates when necessary. This was important because sales reps were constantly referencing related records when speaking with prospects and they needed to have clean and up-to-date data to reference.

“Traction Complete allowed us to configure APEX level logic without code, such as custom matching steps.”


95% reduction in time spent maintaining APEX
One of the biggest benefits for Olive Tree Holdings was the amount of time saved in building, testing, and updating custom APEX code. Traction Complete allowed them to eliminate 700 lines of APEX code during implementation alone.

“My biggest ROI was the hours saved in APEX code review and testing. I spent weeks working on that code before Traction Complete. Now changes in business logic only take a few hours to update, test, and deploy. The amount of development time has been cut down by 95% by switching to Traction Complete.”

The Final Word

Traction Complete helped Olive Tree break free from custom Salesforce Flows and strings of APEX code. No other solution allowed them to quickly process large volumes of data while giving them precision and flexibility with matching, enrichment, and record assignment.

“Traction Complete is so powerful. It allows you to get a developer-level tool at a junior admin skillset price. We can now run further, faster than ever before.”

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