Turn sales productivity into profits

Give your sellers the visibility and insights they need to create better connections and become better reps.

Give your sellers the visibility and insights they need to create better connections and become better reps.

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The seller market isn’t
simple anymore

Buying cycles and opportunity mechanics are getting more and more complex. Buyers are in the driving seat and Sales Leaders need to be able to educate, enable and support their sales reps to go from problem to pipeline.

Empower sales leaders to excel

Running both player and coach, Sales leaders need to find efficiencies. Streamline deal reviews, account plans ,and 1-on-1s with relationship maps that give you insights into the health of your pipeline.

Boost deal success with multi-threading

Your reps are working hard to start conversations and build momentum. De-risk your deals and improve your probability of closing with a solid multithreading strategy.

Manage rep 
changeover seamlessly

Move at the pace of your business with the tools needed to mass reassign leads, contacts, accounts and territories as reps come and go.

“The number one benefit about using Traction Complete is the fact that we’re able to route our leads automatically almost as soon as a lead gets into the system. It’s real-time routing.”

Miriam Rosas Cano Revenue Operations Analyst at Asana

Forecast with better accuracy

Make better decisions and forecast with accuracy with data you can rely on. Avoid forecasting headaches with regular deduplication to help you understand where to focus your efforts.


Use account connections to your advantage

Maximize your land and expand potential with a full 360 view of the accounts within a family tree. Enable your reps to sell across the enterprise by surfacing previous products sold and suggesting upsell opportunities.


Score, balance, and reassign with ease

Ensure all reps can hit quota with fair and balanced territories. If a change is required, make updates to your territory ownership without the need for spreadsheets or data loads. 


Align your routing with your go-to-market

Get as sophisticated as you like with your go-to-market and route leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities to the best rep to get the deal across the line. 


Turn deal reviews to revenue

Operationalize your deal reviews to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Make relationship mapping and stakeholder health conversations a key part of your 1-on-1s and account plans to multithread your deals from conception to conversion.


A partner with answers

How should I structure my deal reviews?

Structure your deal reviews around three key assets: vision, deal review, and relationship map. The vision outlines long-term customer goals and unique solutions. The deal review covers deal mechanics and strategies for success. The relationship map identifies stakeholders, tracks interactions, and addresses potential obstacles. Focus on strategy rather than updates to provide valuable coaching and insights for your sales reps.

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What tactics can my team use to multithread deals?

Traction Complete’s data management suite of apps for Salesforce provides SalesOps teams with the tools they need to maintain data integrity, automate workflows, optimize territory management, and gain valuable insights, ultimately driving efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth.

How relationship mapping can help you close more deals?

Relationship mapping in Salesforce helps to close more deals by allowing users to track organizational structures, relationships, and decision influence within a deal. It enables sales leaders to view buying committee structures, optimize sales coaching, add more contacts to opportunities, track partner relationships, and improve attribution for marketing.

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