Make better decisions from clean data

Streamline data cleanup in Salesforce by detecting and mass merging duplicates.

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Streamline data cleanup in Salesforce by detecting and mass merging duplicates.

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Accelerate your deduping

Identify and eliminate duplicates fast by mass merging any object—including leads, contacts, accounts, and custom objects with a guided, no-code interface.

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Merge with total control

Preserve your most important data. Merge any number of duplicates into a single record with customizable survivorship and field-by-field retention rules.

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Dedupe by the masses

Dedupe thousands of records at once within Salesforce’s scalable cloud architecture. Give your growing data breathing room without the limits of your local machine.

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Keep your data safe

Rid your data of duplicates without having to export it anywhere else. No extra logins needed—keeping your most important asset safely inside Salesforce.

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Clear away the data clutter

Any object dedupe

Support for any object in Salesforce.

100% Salesforce native

Keep your data safe by ensuring it never leaves your org.


Start cleansing in minutes with a guided no-code UI.


Dedupe large data volumes without being restricted by your local machine.

Customizable rules

Customize survivorship and field retention rules to decide what is kept.

Multi-user login

Allow multiple users to assist with dedupe projects.

Multiple tiebreakers

Get more precise than other tools by creating a hierarchy of winning criteria.

Merge preview

See how merge criteria will impact records.

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“Before, our leads had anywhere from 2 to 10 duplicates. With Complete Clean, we were able to dedupe from 300,000 records down to 130,000 without losing any critical prospect data.”

Chris M. Salesforce Consultant, GTA Homes

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How is Complete Clean different from native Salesforce duplicate management functionality?

While Salesforce provides duplicate rules to flag and block duplicates, it restricts merging to up to three records at a time.

In contrast, Complete Clean identifies duplicates more thoroughly by providing detailed control over the matching and merge process, letting you tailor it to your specific needs. It also offers an interface that supports the mass merging of any number of records.

Does Complete Clean proactively prevent duplicates from entering Salesforce?

For duplicate prevention we recommend using the matching and auto-merge functionality in Complete Leads.

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Are Traction Complete’s products 100% native to Salesforce?

Yes! All of Traction Complete’s products are 100% native to Salesforce which means there is no integration to maintain and your data never leaves your org.

How can I learn more about duplicate management best practices in Salesforce?

We recommend downloading the Step-by-Step Guide to Deduplication to learn how to get started on your next deduplication project.

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Speed up Salesforce data deduplication