Automate your account hierarchies in Salesforce

Automatically build, visualize, and maintain account hierarchies in Salesforce. Save time, avoid account conflicts, and make sure no opportunities slip through the cracks.


of RevOps teams have parent-child data inaccurately linked


Salesforce hierarchies can only go so far

Data providers can’t build account hierarchies in Salesforce — you need to manually link accounts. Left ignored it can lead to territory conflicts, missed revenue opportunities, and inaccurate reporting.

Fragmented hierarchies

Salesforce requires child accounts to be linked directly to their parent account. Missing the parent? You’ll be left with a fragmented or inaccurate hierarchy.

Single hierarchy limit

Salesforce only allows you to store one version of a hierarchy – a problem if you need to compare a legal vs. go-to-market hierarchy.

Gaps in reporting

Disconnected subsidiaries make capturing key metrics in roll-up reports time-consuming and inaccurate.



Rev up your hierarchies with automation

Eliminate manual hours and errors linking parent-child accounts. With Complete Hierarchies, automatically build hierarchies from your third-party data directly within Salesforce.

Put hierarchy building on autopilot

Avoid fragmented hierarchies by automating the creation and maintenance of corporate family trees in Salesforce—even if you’re missing parent accounts.

Maximize land & expand

Uncover whitespace and existing relationships within enterprise accounts that lead to upsell & cross-sell opportunities.

Drive smarter decisions

Empower decision-making by easily tracking key metrics across corporate family trees including opportunity count, close rate, and whitespace penetration.

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Enhance native Salesforce hierarchies

Complete Hierarchies
Automated global ultimate linkage in Salesforce

Not Included
Ability to build hierarchies with parent accounts missing

Not Included
360-degree hierarchy view

overlay of related records including child and grandchild objects

Not Included
Multiple hierarchies

toggle between legal, partner, GTM, custom, etc.

Not Included
Custom hierarchy builder

drag-and-drop UI

Not Included
Built-in roll-up hierachy reporting

Not Included
Whitespace view

view accounts not yet in SDFC and add with 1 click

Not Included


Gain full visibility into corporate family trees

Full hierarchy automation

Reduce manual linkage work by 80% with smart automation.

Custom hierarchy builder

Rearrange account structures in seconds with the drag-and-drop UI.

Multi-hierarchy view

Save multiple views of a hierarchy including legal, partner, GTM, and custom.

Roll-up hierarchy reporting

Track sales performance and monitor the health of your relationships.


Flag duplicates and account ownership overlaps.

Product sold view

Highlight upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Whitespace view

Uncover accounts that aren’t yet in Salesforce (D&B only).

Third-party data integration

Keep your hierarchy data clean by integrating with any data provider.

Now that the sales team has all this information about the account and a full view of its subsidiaries, they can go whitespace hunting and start to land and expand.

Eric C. VP of Sales Operations, Hexagon


A partner with answers

What is account hierarchy management software?

Account hierarchy management software enables teams to create, visualize, and manage links between parent-child accounts in Salesforce. It offers visibility into relationships among global ultimate parents, subsidiaries, and departments within corporate family trees.

Why do you need account hierarchy management software?

Purchasing account hierarchy data from third-party data providers like Dun & Bradstreet is a great starting point, but this alone doesn’t let you visualize an account’s corporate hierarchy in Salesforce.


Third-party data providers can’t create lookups in the Parent ID field at scale, requiring you to manually link and update parent-child relationships one at a time. This manual process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors as your data volume grows.


Account hierarchy management software, such as Complete Hierarchies, addresses this issue by automatically creating and maintaining these account linkages. This ensures that connections between parent and child accounts remain clean, connected, and consistently up to date, enhancing data accuracy and usability.


Interested in learning how Complete Hierarchies compares to Salesforce’s out-of-the-box capabilities? Click here.

Is Complete Hierarchies 100% native to Salesforce?

Yes! All of Traction Complete’s products are 100% native to Salesforce which means there is no integration to maintain and your data never leaves your org.

How can account hierarchies benefit sales teams?

Account hierarchies in Salesforce provide sales reps with a detailed view of how their accounts are interconnected within a larger corporate structure.


This information can help reps recognize existing relationships within a corporate family tree that can open doors to cross-selling and upselling opportunities. This visibility also allows representatives to leverage existing trust to make smoother introductions into related accounts.


A clear view of an account hierarchy can reveal which levels of an organization make buying decisions. When sales reps understand which departments have budget authority and how subsidiaries make decisions, they can save time prospecting by targeting entities with decision-making power.


Finally, providing reps with visibility allows them to see if contracts exist at different hierarchy levels, helping avoid surprise requests for corporate pricing and discounts.

How can I learn more about account hierarchy best practices?

We recommend downloading the Complete RevOps Guide to Account Hierarchies to learn how to start using account hierarchies in your go-to-market strategy. If you have questions about building account hierarchies in Salesforce, reach out to our team of experts. 

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