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How Cresta’s RevOps team overhauled territory planning and lead routing

100%reduction in time spent manually routing



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  • Gained newfound visibility into their account hierarchies, allowing them to build out territories for their enterprise segment.
  • Eliminated hours of manual work per week by automating their lead-to-account matching and lead routing process.
  • Created a scalable process for maintaining account data hygiene.


Cresta provides real-time intelligence to sales and customer contact centers. By using AI-powered products, Cresta improves the quality of customer service for enterprise-level companies.

The Challenge

Cresta’s RevOps team struggled to build out their sales territories, scale their lead routing process, and maintain account data hygiene.

Despite selling almost entirely to enterprise-level companies, Cresta did not have visibility into account hierarchies. Leads, contacts, and accounts were often assigned to the wrong sales rep because the team didn’t have the context they needed to know if accounts were a subsidiary within a larger organization.

Cresta’s makeshift lead routing workflow was difficult to update and required leads to be manually reviewed before being assigned, which impacted response time.

Finally, new accounts were being added to Salesforce by sales reps but the team didn’t have a process to ensure those accounts were connected to the appropriate hierarchy or territory, which impacted their data hygiene.

“Before Traction Complete, we had no real way of identifying our territories or understanding our accounts. Our Salesforce was a makeshift amalgamation of different accounts being added by sales reps.”

– Stephen Daniels, Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Cresta


Cresta used Traction Complete’s suite of RevOps tools, including Complete Leads and Complete Hierarchies, to automate the building and maintenance of account hierarchies in Salesforce and overhaul their lead matching and routing process.

Gaining a complete view of their largest customers

Cresta used Complete Hierarchies to automatically build the connection between parent-child accounts in Salesforce and keep hierarchies up-to-date when mergers or acquisitions occurred.

This allowed the RevOps team to get visibility into target accounts and understand which were subsidiaries of a global ultimate parent. Armed with the right information, they were able to build out territories with confidence and establish clear rules of engagement to prevent rep conflicts.

“There is a cost to bad data… if we didn’t have a solution like this in the first place to scale off, we would be building on a bad foundation that would cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of headaches in the future.”

In addition to being able to automatically build and visualize account hierarchies, one of the most powerful tools for Cresta was the whitespace feature in Complete Hierarchies.

“Sometimes you have subsidiaries but you don’t have the parent in your system. Complete Hierarchies actually shows you that whitespace and allows you to add accounts in one swift motion. I don’t think any vendor on the market does that.”

Automated lead routing to fit Cresta’s go-to-market strategy

Automated lead routing made a world of difference for Cresta’s sales team. Previously, the company had a makeshift process built into its CRM – but it couldn’t scale and it had to be manually updated. With Complete Leads, the SDR team saved several hours of manual effort each week that would otherwise be spent performing lead matching and routing.

“Our lead routing was very, very manual. With Traction Complete, we’ve actually been able to automate the process entirely.”

On top of that, the team leveraged the seamless integration between Complete Leads and Complete Hierarchies to match and route leads based on the location of the global ultimate parent account instead of the location of the subsidiary account that the lead came from.

The Final Word

Complete Leads and Complete Hierarchies gave Cresta the one-two punch they needed to overcome their routing and territory planning challenges.

The SDR team got back hours that would’ve been spent manually reviewing and assigning leads. Sophisticated matching allowed them to overhaul how they routed leads to sales reps.

Not to mention, Complete Hierarchies gave them a complete view of their enterprise accounts. They could now have a proper understanding of where their customers fit in a family tree.

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