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How Zoom drove sales efficiency and effectiveness with clean account hierarchies

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  • Sales reps gained clear visibility into complex account hierarchies and were able to land and expand into accounts more effectively
  • Sales Operations saved time by eliminating the manual cleanup and maintenance process of account hierarchies in Salesforce
  • Zoom was able to shift from a reactive to a proactive data strategy


Zoom helps people stay connected so that they can get more done together. From meetings, chat, phone, and webinars to conference room systems and online events, Zoom powers all your communication needs.

The Challenge

Zoom works with very complex account hierarchies in Salesforce. Their Sales team struggled to visualize a company’s corporate structure and identify whitespace accounts. Sales reps often had to spend time pulling complex reports to make sense of different enterprise hierarchies.

“We have very complex and large hierarchy structures. That made it difficult for our sales team to really understand what does a company structure look like and how would to approach them to create a relationship or cultivate an existing one.”

Heidi Davis, Manager of Sales Operations and Global Data, Zoom

Given the complexity of the account hierarchies that they worked with, Zoom’s Sales Operations team struggled to keep account hierarchy structures accurate and maintain regional account ownership. “My North Star is providing an accurate book of business for our sales team. That way they’re spending less time focusing on validating the account and firmographic data in their book of business and more time on cultivating customer relationships.”


Zoom used Complete Hierarchies to automate the maintenance of account hierarchies in Salesforce and gain visibility into complex account hierarchy structures.

Visibility into whitespace for cross-selling and up-selling
With a built-in UI in Salesforce, Complete Hierarchies allowed sales reps to navigate family trees easily – no matter how many parent-child accounts they had. This meant less time was spent searching through Salesforce to understand a company’s structure and more time selling to the customer. The “Products Sold” feature also helped sales reps understand which Zoom products have been sold across an account and identify potential expansion, cross-selling, and up-selling opportunities. “Traction Complete allows [our sales team] to identify whitespace, which gives them the advantage to partner with account executives across the globe to sell Zoom to its fullest extent.”

Shifting to proactive data management
Complete Hierarchies allowed Zoom’s Sales Operations team to develop a proactive data management strategy. With the power of automation, the team was able to clean up account hierarchy structures at scale. To support ongoing maintenance, the team uses the drag-and-drop hierarchy builder to quickly clean up misaligned accounts and ensure correct regional ownership. “The easy drag and drop allows our sales operations team to maintain regional ownership when cleaning up complex hierarchies, which is very important for us because we want to make sure that our sales team is aligned with our rules of engagement.”

The Final Word

Traction Complete and Complete Hierarchies gave Zoom valuable insight they needed to overcome complex challenges around selling and maintaining large account hierarchies. Both the Sales and Sales Operations teams were empowered with a 360-degree view of their largest customers. The Sales Ops team spent less time cleaning and maintaining accurate account hierarchies, and the Sales team was able to spend more time selling.

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