Territory Management
for Salesforce.

Skip the spreadsheets and start managing territories more effectively with the power of automated account hierarchies.

  • Create custom hierarchies to match your GTM
  • Prevent territory conflicts and commission splits
  • Automate territory-based routing & assignment
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Start selling smarter

Ensure territories are balanced

​​Understand the true value of your accounts by seeing where they sit within a corporate family tree and their related records in a single view.

Prevent territory conflicts & commission splits

​​It’s easy for reps to overlap when corporate family trees cross into multiple territories. Avoid conflict by providing clear visibility into account ownership.

Reporting made easy 

Empower decision-making by tracking key metrics across territories including opportunity count, close rate, and whitespace penetration without leaving Salesforce.

Why account hierarchies are essential for territory management?

Automated account hierarchies are essential for planning and managing sales territories that include enterprise accounts. Without clean, connected hierarchies it can be difficult to accurately assess the value of accounts and avoid territory overlap.

Learn more by downloading our complete guide to account hierarchies.

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How Complete Hierarchies can help

Create custom hierarchies

Create multiple hierarchies to understand how corporate family trees compare to territories

Flag territory overlaps

Overlay account ownership across hierarchies to spot and quash rep conflicts before they come up

Automate territory assignment

Keep routing and assignment rules in sync with territories to maintain relationships and a clean database

Reporting made easy

Save time and unlock insights into your territories with built-in roll-up reporting

Explore More Features

Game changer in the world of territory disputes and messy account hierarchies.

Hazel Tran, Director of Global Sales Operations

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