RevOps in motion: 15 leaders you need to be following

Bec Henrich VP of Marketing


The role of RevOps isn’t easy. Whether it’s aligning departments, solving data challenges, juggling tech, or measuring ROI, there’s no end of bottlenecks or fires to deal with.

And yet, RevOps professionals still find a way to manage the day-to-day and drive the business forward.

Whether you’re new to the world of RevOps, or simply looking for experts and mentors to level up your growth, these are some of the brightest and best people to watch.

Here are 15 leaders setting RevOps in motion — leading the way to revenue and using their voices to influence and inspire others.

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15 RevOps leaders you need to be following

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Founder & Chief Revenue Operations Officer, The RevOps Collective

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As the founder and CRO of The RevOps Collective, Rosalyn Santa Elena has made it her mission to elevate the Ops function and Ops professionals across every organization. On top of being an active leader in multiple communities, she’s also a keynote speaker, the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast, and an advisor for several high-growth startups.

LinkedIn | The RevOps Collective | The Revenue Optimists

Mallory Lee

SVP of Revenue Operations Strategy at Union Square Consulting
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Mallory Lee brings a wealth of expertise in RevOps and business operations, as well as a background in in-house roles and consultancy. On top of sharing her expertise, she’s constantly staying on top of trends and best practices, and gauging the RevOps community for new insights.

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LinkedIn | The Revenue Optimists

Jared Robin

Founder & CEO at RevGenius
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Jared Robin is the Founder of RevGenius, a community of over 35,000 revenue professionals that collaborate, share knowledge, and grow together. His talents also include helping SaaS brands scale through the power of community, advising over a dozen startups, and interviewing other go-to-market leaders on the Revenue Today Podcast.

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LinkedIn | RevGenius | The Revenue Optimists

Brooke Treseder

SVP of Business Operations &
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Brooke Treseder, Senior Vice President of Business Operations at, is an expert at scaling software organizations through operations and strategy. Whether it’s participating in summits, speaking at conferences, or appearing in Traction Complete’s own The Revenue Optimists, there is no shortage of opportunities to hear her wealth of knowledge.

LinkedIn | The Revenue Optimists

Ben McCarthy

Founder, Salesforce Ben
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In 2014, Ben McCarthy founded Salesforce Ben, a blog dedicated to being the ultimate guide and resource to the Salesforce ecosystem. Fast forward a decade later and the digital publication has grown into the leading Salesforce media platform, boasting a team of more than 20 and over 1.2 million views.

Ben has also written “The Secrets to Building a Salesforce Consultancy,” an eBook and template pack dedicated to individuals interested in founding and growing a Salesforce practice.

revops leadersLinkedIn | Salesforce Ben

Natalie Furness

Founder & CEO/COO of RevOps Automated
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Natalie Furness is the founder and CEO/COO of RevOps Automated, a company that designs, builds, and implements tech stacks for businesses implementing revenue operations. Whether you’re looking to learn about RevOps consulting, attribution forecasting, reporting, process automation, or integrations, Natalie’s expertise has you covered.

revops leadersLinkedIn | RevOps Automated

Matthew Volm

CEO & Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op
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Matthew Volm is the brain behind RevOps Co-op, a professional membership community boasting over 13,000 members across more than 45 countries. The group empowers its members to find success in their RevOps careers by offering a mentorship program, education and courses, roundtables, a job board and talent marketplace, and a weekly newsletter.

LinkedIn | RevOps Co-op

Jeff Ignacio

Head of GTM Operations and Growth at Regrow Ag
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Whether he’s sharing insights on sales or talking about the data that drives RevOps teams, Jeff Ignacio has built a significant LinkedIn following by sharing his knowledge and expertise. On top of that, he’s the owner of the RevOps Impact, a platform that develops courses and content for go-to-market professionals.

LinkedIn | RevOps Impact

Mark Turner

VP of Revenue Operations at Demandbase 

Mark Turner is an accomplished financial and sales operations professional with over 10 years of experience in high-growth, technology-driven organizations. Most recently, he’s been sharing his insights on how AI fits into the world of RevOps and how he’s currently using the tool within his role at Demandbase.

LinkedIn | The Revenue Optimists

Cliff Simon

Chief Revenue Officer, Carabiner Group
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Boasting a wealth of experience in all things go-to-market and RevOps, it’s no surprise that Cliff Simon is an active leader in several online RevOps communities. He’s currently the CRO of Carabiner Group, where he focuses on scaling go-to-market teams.


Jacki Leahy

Fractional RevOps Advisor & Founder, Activate the Magic
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Jacki Leahy is the founder of Activate the Magic, leading a team of “RevOps-obsessed technicians” who provide technical expertise for Salesforce and Hubspot ecosystems. Whether it’s sharing personal RevOps insights or her experiences working with CFOs and other leaders, she excels at creating bubbly, bite-sized content for RevOps professionals everywhere.

LinkedIn | Activate the Magic

Leore Spira

Director of Revenue Operations, Blink Ops
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A self-labeled RevOps geek and leader, Leore boasts a love and expertise for go-to-market strategy and building revenue streams for SaaS startups. On top of her LinkedIn, Leore’s blog is also full of insights around RevOps and customer-centric approaches to business.

revops leadersLinkedIn | Medium

Toni Hohlbein

CEO & Co-Founder at Growblocks
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Before his current role as CEO & co-founder at Growblocks and CRO positions at two SaaS companies, Toni’s career began in RevOps. His newsletter, The Revenue Letter, shares some of the secrets behind how B2B startups find stellar growth, plus cases, personal stories, and frameworks for go-to-market leaders and RevOps professionals.

LinkedIn | The Revenue Letter

Anne Pao

Founder & CEO of Ignite Consulting
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Anne Pao is the founder and CEO of Ignite Consulting, a GTM strategy and RevOps consulting firm that helps bring scalable growth to small to mid-sized companies. On top of that, Anne also founded RevOps Village, a community of over 500 revenue professionals, and is a board member of Women in Revenue.

LinkedIn | The Revenue Optimists

Asia Corbett

Senior Revenue Operations Manager, GTM at Bread Financial

revopsrevops leadersWith expertise in RevOps, finance, and business intelligence, Asia Corbett uses her LinkedIn to share digestible insights around RevOps, go-to-market strategy, and best practices.


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