5 Tactics To Avoid Territory Disputes with Account Hierarchies

How much time does your team spend navigating territory disputes and account conflicts? Now imagine if you could channel that time into revenue instead?

Conflicts can occur at any point in the sales process, take up multiple parties’ time, and lead to unhappy and unproductive sales and revenue teams. That means money left on the table. Not to mention, nobody likes double commission splits… Yet a new line in the sand must be drawn.

In this webinar we’ll cover how to go from conflict to calm with account hierarchies, making rep conflict a thing of the past. What you’ll learn:

  • How other high growth organizations are dealing with this challenge
  • Ways to avoid paying the dreaded double commission
  • How to limit rep attrition related to account conflicts
  • How to use account hierarchies to enable reps to sell more effectively

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David Nelson CEO, Traction Complete
Matt Wester Manager, Go To Market Operations, Copado