Complete Hierarchies

Automatically build & visualize account hierarchies in Salesforce.No code required.

Meet the first and only solution built to help you better understand your largest customers and accelerate growth.

Our Customers

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Windstream broke free
from bad data

Drowning in an impossible data environment, Windstream Enterprise dramatically reduced their data footprint and uncovered a smarter way to scale. Clean, connected account hierarchies drove bigger sales and better business decisions.

Empowered Enterprise Selling

Complete Customer View

Unlocked Data Potential

Transformed Territory Planning

Custom Hierarchies Made Possible

Better Data. Better Decisions.


Empowered Enterprise Selling

Accelerate sales, uncover whitespace accounts, and easily identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Make your sales team infinitely more effective.

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Complete Customer View

Fuel your entire organization with clean, connected hierarchies.Give every department unparalleled visibility into your largest customer accounts.

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Unlocked Data Potential

Yep, you can leave dirty data in the dust. Let smart automation align messy accounts, call out duplicates, and dramatically reduce your data footprint.

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Transformed Territory Planning

Let Complete Hierarchies transform your territory planning as you easily spot and quash rep conflicts before they come up.

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Custom Hierarchies Made Possible

Need to customize your hierarchy based on your go-to-market strategy? We’ve got you covered with our intuitive drag-and-drop hierarchy builder.

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Better Data. Better Decisions.

Ditch the spreadsheets and easily report on how much business you are doing across your largest customers.

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Join other high-growth trailblazers.

Stay ahead of the curve. Our high-growth enterprise family is realizing their revenue potential with the first automated hierarchy solution for Salesforce. You can too.

Complete Hierarchies is a game-changer in the world of territory disputes and messy account hierarchies!

Hazel Tran, Director, Global Territory Strategy & Sales Operations

Using Traction is very, very user-friendly and very intuitive. We’ve become infinitely more effective. We went from 6 million records in the database down to a little over 200,000. It’s helping to drive strategy for every side of our business

Scott Ellsworth, VP Sales Operations

The automation is amazing! Complete Hierarchies builds our account hierarchies which in turn enables us to segment our customers and prospects in a way that aligns to our go-to marketing planning

Navin Persaud , Senior Director Revenue Operations

How It Works

Features that change the game.

With powerful Salesforce hierarchy visualization, your entire business will thrive. Change the game for your revenue and sales ops teams.

Roll-Up Hierarchy Reporting

Easily report on key leading metrics across the entire family tree. See how your performance has changed over time so you can optimize your effectiveness.

Custom Hierarchy Builder

Create custom hierarchies based on your go-to-market definition using the intuitive drag and drop hierarchy builder.

Multi-Hierarchy View

Save multiple views of your hierarchies to give every team quick access to the custom hierarchy that matters most to them.

Account Owner Overlaps

Overlay the account ownership field across the hierarchy to spot and quash rep conflicts before they come up.

Features For Rev Ops

01 Roll-Up Hierarchy Reporting

02 Custom Hierarchy Builder

03 Multi-Hierarchy View

04 Account Owner Overlaps

Whitespace View

Uncover untapped sales opportunities by accessing the entire company family tree, including accounts that aren't in Salesforce.

Product Sold Visibility

Spot cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with ease by visualizing what products you have sold across the entire account hierarchy

Custom Object Overlays

Overlay any object and give your reps instant access to actionable account insights across the hierarchy including opportunities, contacts, leads, cases and more.

Intuitive Visual Display

Allow enterprise sales teams to easily navigate complex family trees, so they can spend more time selling, and less time searching in Salesforce.

Hierarchy Filter

Take full control over what is being displayed across the hierarchy display with customizable filtering.

Features For Sales Teams

01 Whitespace View

02 Product Sold Visibility

03 Custom Object Overlays

04 Intuitive Visual Display

05 Hierarchy Filter

Auto-Dupe Identification

Spot duplicate accounts within the hierarchy, merge them instantly, and bring data clarity to your entire team.

Hierarchy Export

Easily manage large changes to a hierarchy outside of Salesforce for bulk data updates.

Inline Editor

Quickly update your account records in real-time inside the hierarchy display and save endless hours of clicking in Salesforce.

Security Model Support

Configure each user profile independently at the field and record level to support your businesses data sharing requirements.

Features for Data Teams

01 Auto-Dupe Identification

02 Hierarchy Export

03 Inline Editor

04 Security Model Support

How To Accelerate Revenue With Automated Account Hierarchies

Learn how other high-growth companies like DocuSign, Twilio, and Cisco are reaching their revenue potential with complete and connected account hierarchies.

See it in action

A smarter way to visualize your revenue potential.

For the first time ever, you can connect your related accounts to get a clear picture of your largest customers in Salesforce. Suddenly, your biggest opportunity to scale is right in front of you, waiting within your related accounts.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Take the next steps and better visualize your Complete Hierarchies today. Sales will sell more. Customer success will grow their accounts. Revenue teams will uncover those missed opportunities. Don’t let data hold you back. Build a better way.

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