Automated Account Hierarchies
for Salesforce.

Stop manually linking parent-child accounts, one. painful. click. at a time. Instantly create, visualize, and manage account hierarchies in Salesforce.

  • Create multi-level hierarchies without code  
  • Uncover whitespace, cross-sell & upsell opportunities
  • Integrate with any third-party data provider


Transform account-based selling

Put hierarchy building on autopilot

​​Avoid fragmented hierarchies by automating the creation and maintenance of corporate family trees in Salesforce

Maximize land & expand

​​Uncover whitespace accounts and existing relationships within a corporate family tree that lead to upsell & cross-sell opportunities

Drive smarter decisions

Empower decision making by tracking key metrics across corporate family trees including opportunity count, close rate, and whitespace penetration

What is account hierarchy management software?

It’s a tool to help teams create, visualize, and manage links between parent-child accounts in Salesforce. It’s important for organizations that sell into complex corporate family trees to have visibility into how ultimate parents, subsidiaries, departments, and branches are related to each other.

Account hierarchy illustrated diagram
Account Hierarchies Territory Management Diagram

Why do you need it?

It’s easy to waste time linking parent-child accounts manually – and tough to keep up to date. Relying solely on the Parent Account field in Salesforce often leads to fragmented hierarchies, territory confusion, and inaccurate reporting.

With the power of automation, you can be confident your hierarchies are clean, connected, and always up to date.

Learn more by downloading our complete guide to account hierarchies.

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How Complete Hierarchies can help

Automated mapping

Leverage third-party data sources to automatically create and maintain corporate linkage data in Salesforce

Intuitive hierarchy builder

Visualize and modify hierarchies directly in Salesforce to match your go-to-market strategy

Whitespace view

Enable users to view an entire hierarchy, including accounts that aren't in Salesforce

Roll-up reporting

Save time and feel confident reporting across hierarchies with built-in roll-up reporting

Explore More Features

Complete Hierarchies has made it possible for us to build out territories for our enterprise segment. Without it, we'd have a lot of accounts incorrectly assigned in our system because we wouldn't have the understanding or infrastructure to know this subsidiary is part of this larger organization.

Stephan Daniels, Senior Director Revenue Operations

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