Build better account strategies with
the only account hierarchy platform.

Get a full 360 view of your largest customers. Identify cross sell and upsell opportunities. Avoid Commission conflicts and truly understand the health of the companies that make up the bulk of your revenue.

Automatically build
account hierarchies.

Automatically link accounts together into their corporate family tree to get the full picture of your large customers, saving hundreds of hours of manual work. Identify duplicates and present all the existing relationships with contacts and opportunities in one place.

Get the full 360 view
of the customer.

Gain better insights on large customers. See all existing relationships with Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and cases all in one place. Easily understand what products and services have been purchased and use these insights to improve your upsell and cross-sell strategy.

Make territory planning easy.

Maximize your existing relationships. With Traction Hierarchies, you can dramatically improve your territory decisions and reduce hours of territory disputes by immediately identifying overlaps across the family tree. Clearly see where your success and revenue potential lies to better distribute accounts and assign reps for growth.

Understand the health of your largest customers with Complete Company records.

70-80% of most companies' revenue comes from 20% of their customers. Instantly receive executive reports on the total spend and account penetration of your largest customers. With Complete Company records you see the leading indicators of a customer's health and can adapt your strategy as needed.

Stop account conflicts
and commission splits.

By providing your sales reps with a clear view of the customer, you can eliminate any account conflicts and commission splits and optimize the customer experience by providing a single voice for your company.

Discover the opportunity in your whitespace accounts.

Uncover potential new accounts and opportunities by discovering new accounts within your customer account hierarchies. Get insight into mergers and acquisitions and ask for help from customer advocates to invite you into the fold.

Display different account hierarchies to different channels.

Don't be limited to the legal hierarchy as this often doesn't represent your go-to-market strategy. Your field sales team wants to see something different than your partner team. Do it all within one view, giving the user the option to view the accounts in different formats or lock down views from one team to the next.