Why should inside sales sit under Revenue Operations?

It started as a temporary move. But Kieran Snaith and Qualified found that the inside sales team fit best under the RevOps team.

Video Transcript

Kieran: I think that the definitions of revenue operations vary and you’ll see kind of different takes on RevOps depending on the organization and the size of that organization that you’re looking at. We kind of ran with this traditional structure at first, which is you know, marketing ops, sales ops, customer ops really kind of like breaking down the silos, standardizing the operations, the data set between each of those departments.

Inside Sales also rolls into our group. That was a temporary decision that we had made at first, you know, we’re very heavily involved in kind of building this team out during the hiring, what are the processes, and kind of operating procedures look like?

And we realized that RevOps is a really great place for an inside sales team to set because as a RevOps team, we have the marketing goal, were tied to the marketing targets, we’re tied to the sales targets, and also those customer retention targets. So we have, you know, pipeline quality. It’s our number one priority, right? We’re trying to source great deals at those pipeline numbers, but we also want to make sure that we’re hitting all of those sales funnel KPIs as well.

So we’re highly incentivized to deliver high quality, you know, high-velocity pipeline, and that’s why we’ve decided to keep it under revenue operations just a very good mutual ground for the inside sales team.

Dave: You know, I love that now you explain it, you’re right, because otherwise there’s potentially a bias, towards you know, the pipe generated or the closing but this kind of sits in the middle to both

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