How do you score or grade accounts?

When it comes to scoring accounts, Persona plays a big role for Andrey Levin and Gainsight.

Video Transcript

Dave: Okay, so when you are going through your planning or when you’ve gone through your planning in the past, you are probably trying to make territories even. And it sounds like you have a strategic enterprise of a mid-market sort of thing. How are you guys doing? Are you doing any count scoring or territory scoring at all to try and create those?

Andrey: You’re correct, we’re grading on a couple of dimensions. So there is a significant threat persona component to it.

So thinking about the customer success solutions and example, if you have a Chief Customer Officer, you’re probably pretty good fit for Gainsight. Right. So if you have Customer Success Managers, you’re probably a pretty good fit for Gainsight. But you need to have sort of a large enough team to also make really good use of the platform.

So there’s this there’s a significant persona component to it. And then there’s a typical sort of firmographic, industry, size, revenue, how rapidly are you growing, and then a technographic component — like what else is in your tech stack, apart from just direct competitors, but what are adjacent technologies that you may have, which make you a pretty good fit for us?

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