Apps Sales Ops can’t live without?

What kind of apps are a must have for Gainsight’s Andrey Levin? The short answer — more than you think.

Video Transcript

Dave: What is the kind of overall tech stack that you use? And what are those apps that you just can’t live without?

Andrey: So I can talk more about sales more than anything. Everything that feeds technographic, firmographic, persona information, so understand your accounts, understand your contacts — can’t live without it.

Honestly spend way too much money on everything. There’s a tension there like I have to spend how much to get all of this? It’s incredible just how much money you spend on that stuff. Because no one has everything, realistically. And if you go into any RevOps communities, everyone is complaining about the same thing. So we’re all in the same boat there.

Other pieces that I can’t live without in some way or fashion. Really good, easy to use, forecasting tools for, really for sellers to input their forecasts, right? Like a Clary. Spreadsheets end up being just not a very good mousetrap and, you know, poor solution for sharing this stuff, but having something that’s a really straightforward experience for them to use and put their forecasts and change them and frankly, they love just editing directly out of those applications as opposed to going to Salesforce, right?

So it helps to improve CRM, data hygiene, as well as making sure you’ve got best visibility into your forecast. That’s something that we absolutely can’t live without, as well. Anything that helps us scale, one to many interactions, sort of sales, engagement platforms. Absolutely, absolutely there as well and that from a holistic coaching, perspective, sales intelligence platforms. Although I’ll say those you have to be really good at using, I think, having consistent use and making sure that folks are reviewing calls and actually pulling out details and sharing is really important.

So we’ve got really good SDR leaders, really good teams out there that actually do call reviews on a weekly basis for their teams and how institute, sort of motions, around making sure that they’re making good use of could use that data.

Dave: Nice. You mentioned a couple of those actual apps, what are the apps that you’re using for you said sales engagement and for sales coaching.

Andrey: Long, long time, outreach and customers. Yeah. And obviously, customer success platform, you can’t live without that. We use Gainsight.

Dave: I hope so.

Andrey: From a sales perspective, something that I don’t think we fully have yet is really good BI Suite. So we’re really early on in just having a data model that is not just Salesforce. Salesforce is great, but it is not what I would ever call like, it’s not necessarily a data model. It’s hard to use that data just to do any kind of analytical work. So something that I’ve sort of been having a lot of conversations with our CIO about is I need better tools to actually do a lot of the analytic work that’s not just Excel and not just Google Sheets.

So you know, like I look back at my career with Gainsight, one of the first things I wish I would have done is probably some sales engineering resources, just for just RevOps. Build a stronger data foundation for us to do a lot of our work.

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