Take control of your lead management.

Let no lead be left behind. Ensure the right lead goes to the right rep every time with our easy to use lead management platform that matches, routes, assigns and enriches leads.

Tap into unparalleled
lead-to-account matching capabilities.

Unlike other platforms that only match on domain, we can match on a range of different fields that can be customized to make the most sense for your business.

Build your own lead flows without a developer.

Don’t wait weeks for a change to your lead flow. With our easy to use interface you can create and change your own matching and assignment rules all without the help of a Salesforce developer.

Prevent duplicates and
keep your data clean.

Are duplicate records clouding your ability to make efficient decisions? Improve your data quality and prevent duplicates with our easy to manage matching rules that notify users of existing leads, contacts and opportunities.

Focus your ABM strategy on customer experience.

Avoid trashing your marketing spend, by routing leads to the person with the most likely potential to convert the lead and ensuring the customer gets a consistent customer experience every time.

Respond faster than
your competitors.

Getting the right lead to a rep is only half the battle. The other half is ensuring that the lead is followed up on immediately. Our lead response timer helps do exactly that by encouraging urgency and reporting results in real-time.