7 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Your MAP and CRM

Do you need to better prioritize inbound leads? Control duplicates? Evolve as your GTM motions change? The list goes on…

With increasing marketing trends like ABM, propensity, intent, and content-based strategies evolving over time, your marketing automation and CRM platforms don’t always seamlessly work together as your GTM motions evolve.

They are each amazing tools to power your business, but together, there’s a better way to bridge the gap.

What you’ll learn:

  • How marketing ops leaders at National Instruments manage complex, evolving go-to-market motions
  • Ways to overcome data not properly mapped between your systems
  • Best practices to grade and segment leads for success
  • How to build for scale and pilot new use cases for routing to any object, beyond leads

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Your Marketing Ops experts

Bec Henrich VP of Marketing, Traction Complete
Timea Kachnic Marketing Operations Manager, National Instruments