Lead to Account Matching
for Salesforce.

Stop wasting time manually juggling leads or wrestling with custom code.
Automatically match incoming leads to the right account so reps can follow up faster.

  • Match any object 
  • Configure complex rules with no code 
  • Automatically merge & convert


Supercharge your account-based selling

Drive better conversations

Help reps impress prospects and customers with fast follow-up and relevant conversations

Never miss an expression of interest

Ensure lead activity is captured at the account level to drive ABM and ABS program success

Keep your CRM clean

Eliminate conflict before it surfaces by matching, merging, and converting duplicate records on entry

What is lead-to-account matching software?

It’s a tool that matches incoming leads to existing accounts. L2A matching software enhances Salesforce’s native functionality by providing a no-code interface to help configure complex matching rules, field tiebreakers, auto-conversion, and de-duplication.  

Lead-to-account matching is often a feature included in lead routing software. 

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How Complete Leads can help

No code interface

Configure matching rules like a pro without the need to maintain custom code

Customize for any level of complexity

Make the best match with any object matching and sophisticated tiebreaker rules

All-in-one tool

Go beyond matching with built-in routing, assignment, enrichment, and deduplication

Safe & secure

Built-in Salesforce to ensure your data stays secure and never leaves your environment

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We saw a 74% uptick in successful lead-to-account matches compared to native Salesforce which has saved us hundreds of hours of cleaning up data manually.

George Samaras, Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations

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