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How Veracode Unlocked Key Accounts with Traction Complete

Complete Hierarchies

Complete Leads

100% reduction in hierarchy related territory-conflicts
IndustryHigh Tech
HeadquartersBurlington, Massachusetts


  • Prevented SalesOps from spending weeks manually connecting and updating parent-child account relationships in Salesforce
  • Reduced rep conflict by displaying related records and hierarchy ownership on the account record
  • Saved reps time from manually researching account hierarchies


Veracode is a global leader in application security and services. Their cloud-based platform reduces risk across software infrastructures and allows businesses to innovate new applications. Veracode’s sales team of +150 people provides professional solutions to their hundreds of customers, including one-third of Fortune 100 companies.


Veracode strives to establish intricate multi-channel sales teams. The sales department was divided into inside and outside groups, each with its respective account management team.

In addition, Veracode operates a variety of partner channels, connecting their sales reps to their partners all over the world. Sales reps at Veracode deal with three types of accounts: customer, prospect and partner. These accounts are part of tens of thousands of subsidiaries within large multi-level enterprises.

The challenge was understanding how accounts related to one another. Veracode was using Salesforce’s native parent-child account relationships which were extremely cumbersome to manage. Account hierarchies had to be manually built and updated when sales managers reached out to the Sales Operations team requesting a merge of accounts. Updates often took weeks to complete.

Due to the tedious nature of building account hierarchy relationships, there was reluctance to take ownership of the hierarchy data. This resulted in Veracode’s sales reps never having a true and full understanding of their key accounts. In addition, the lack of clarity in account relationships resulted in conflicts among the sales reps.


Veracode leveraged Traction Hierarchies with Dun & Bradstreet data to automatically build and maintain their account hierarchies in Salesforce, keeping them up-to-date in real-time.

Complete Hierarchies was launched into production after 2 meetings with internal sales teams and 2 weeks of discovery and testing with the Traction Complete team. This was a huge win for Veracode’s sales team. They were able to significantly reduce the time spent identifying account ownership and looking for contextual information on the account.

“Traditionally, when we had inbound interest, our sales reps had to spend time searching online for the parent of their lead’s company. Now it is all instantly available in Complete Hierarchies.”

Not only did Complete Hierarchies eliminate in-house conflicts between reps, it also gave them a new and deeper understanding of the larger enterprises they were working with. Reps are now able to see related objects on the account record including leads, contacts, cases and opportunities. Veracode’s sales reps have found significant value in being able to see all open and closed opportunities within the account hierarchy.


Seeing deals on the account, which reps may not have been aware of, increases their understanding of current relationships. It may be an account they do not personally own but they can see that other reps have been successful in this branch of the family tree. This gives an opportunity for synergy which we have not seen before.

– Jim Maddison, Principal Business System Analyst at Veracode

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