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Everything you need to know about the sunset.

November 6, 2019

Traction Complete announces their Evolution of webinar series

Salesforce is setting the sun on their suite of products. As of July 2020, all products, including Clean and Prospector, will be deleted. Certain fields and objects will be permanently removed, which may result in errors, broken functionality and disruptions to business processes. Salesforce is urging customers to be aware of how this will impact their Salesforce instance and to take the necessary precautions for ensuring a smooth transition. To help you prepare for this transition, Traction Complete is launching a monthly webinar series to ensure your Salesforce instance remains fully operational.

Why is Salesforce retiring the products?, originally known as Jigsaw, was a crowd-sourced platform that relied on users adding, exchanging and updating contact and company data. Salesforce is retiring so it can focus on the next evolution of data enhancement and management. Throughout the lifetime of the product, Salesforce received overwhelming feedback from customers about the desire to integrate additional third-party data sources into their CRMs. In January 2019, Salesforce announced Lightning Data on the AppExchange, providing businesses with next-level data quality from third-party sources.

What will happen when expires?

When licenses expire, certain fields and objects will be permanently removed, which could potentially result in broken functionality to reports, triggers, workflows and other custom code. customers need to find an alternative solution to ensure there are no interruptions for their organizations.

To evolve its data management system, Salesforce has developed a new platform for working with trusted data. In January 2019, they announced Lightning Data on the Salesforce AppExchange. The apps, from several third party data sources, provide next-level data quality to suit every organization’s requirements. Even organizations that did not previously use should consider integrating one of the many apps now available with Lightning Data to enhance their business processes and increase efficiencies.

How can I get started?

Traction Complete produced a monthly webinar series to help customers take the necessary steps to ensure their Salesforce instance remains fully operational. Throughout the webinar series we shared: What a migration from involves. How to select the best alternative solution for your business. How the sunset could potentially impact your Salesforce instance. The goal of the series aims to ensure your instance remains clean and functional before your license expires.

Tune into the first webinar to learn what exactly is going to happen to, the fields and objects that are going to be affected in a Salesforce instance and what a migration will look like. You can watch the first webinar recording here.