Faulty to Flawless: Clean CRM Data for Productive Selling

How much time do you spend piecing together reports, manually, only to find you can’t trust the results due to the cleanliness of your Salesforce data?

How can you make informed decisions to guide your sales team if you can’t trust the quality of your data?

44% of companies estimate their company loses over 10% in annual revenue due to poor-quality CRM data. This is not just your problem, it’s a company-wide issue.

In this webinar we’ll be diving into how to:

  • Mitigate ongoing data challenges with best-in-class data governance and workflows
  • Manage duplicates across leads, accounts and opportunities
  • Connect internal & external data sources to improve data accuracy
  • Lead with data and make a compelling recommendation or case to leadership

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Your data quality experts

Angie Swenson CRM Business Analyst & Architect, Huber Engineered Materials
Bec Henrich VP of Marketing, Traction Complete