Attribution Showdown : Marketing Ops vs. Sales Ops

Imagine this: it’s been 7 months since a sales rep’s last outbound effort. A ton of work, some opens, but no responses. Fast forward to now, marketing has run a recent campaign and caught their attention…

When the deal closes, the age-old attribution question arises: Who deserves the credit? Was it the rep that reached out to the contact in the first place, or the marketing team that engaged them in a new campaign?

Learn how to go from the “us” vs ’them” showdown to working together on attribution:

  • Understand how ops leaders are implementing complex attribution models
  • Stop finger-pointing and align your sales and marketing teams
  • Get better multi-touch attribution to accelerate deals from lead to close

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Your Attribution Experts

David Nelson CEO Traction Complete
George Samaras Director, Marketing Operations and Technology, Coveo
Scott Oliel Director, Business Operations and Analytics, Coveo