RevTalks: lead the way
to revenue in 2022

Are you curious what other best-in-class revenue teams are prioritizing this year? We’ll give you a hint, it all starts with clean, connected data. Kickstart your revenue with:

  • Best practices to tackle the top 3 data priorities for 2022
  • Tangible learnings from other data-savvy RevOps leaders
  • Insights from Dun & Bradstreet’s 8th Annual B2B Data Report

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What data dilemmas keep you up at night? What can you do to start accelerating revenue today? What is "data nirvana" and how do you get there? How important is a complete customer 360? What RevOps priorities should you focus on in 2022? How do you optimize data for ABM?

Meet the speakers

Brooke Treseder

VP Revenue Operations

RevOps isn’t a cake walk to revenue. That’s why we sat sat down with industry expert Brooke, to hear how she navigates an ever-evolving data landscape. Learn what focus areas she’s planning on zeroing in on this year, with a side of practical tips for tackling your biggest data woes. Chances are if she’s asking about it, you are too!

Sean Crowley

VP Portfolio Marketing

Responsible for go-to-market strategies, Sean lives and breaths data at Dun and Bradstreet – one of the oldest and most trusted data companies out there. Shedding light on the top priorities for 2022 gleaned from D&B’s 8th Annual B2B Sales & Marketing Data Report, he’ll dial in on how you can make the future of your go-to-market data strategy bright.

David Nelson

Managing Director, Moderator

Curious about the top burning questions other RevOps leaders have? Dave, your data-obsessed expert moderator has got you covered. Get ready to get conversational and get practical, as he digs into what’s really on our guests’ minds when it comes to all things data.

If you want to stay ahead of the data curve learn from other RevOps leaders align GTM efforts then this RevTalk is for you.

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