Why Metadata, Why Now: Org Efficiency + AI Readiness

In this episode of the Revenue Optimists, Mike Bogan, Co-Founder and Director of Product Strategy at Hubbl, and Rob Acker, Former CEO of Salesforce.org and current Advisor to Hubble, dive into how:

  • Metadata can very across sources, making standardization and integration difficult
  • Without proper metadata, AI models can misinterpret data leading to inaccurate predictions
  • Metadata ensures data quality indicators, such as accuracy, completeness, and timeliness

Get to know our guests

Michael Bogan

Co-Founder & Director, Product Strategy, Hubbl

In the Salesforce ecosystem for 11 years, Mike Bogan was the first Pre-sales/Solution Engineer at Traction On Demand. Working with over 600 customers, he helped grow Traction on Demand from 20-1500 employees before its acquisition by Salesforce in 2022. Since then, as Director Product Strategy at Hubbl Diagnostics, Mike has been building the machine learning platform that powers a new paradigm of trusted engagements between Salesforce, it’s customers, and partners.

Rob Acker

Former CEO of Salesforce.org and current advisor to Hubbl

With 30+ years experience transforming SaaS markets, Rob has a proven record of building high-performing business units. Formerly CEO of Salesforce.org, he transformed the organization into a hybrid enterprise/foundation, generating $1B in revenue. Named Social Intrapreneur of the Year by World Economic Forum, Rob brings unparalleled expertise in scaling innovative companies and fostering social impact.

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