Is ROI Dead? Measuring Your Tools, Business & RevOps

Learn the metrics and values you should be looking at to measure success in RevOps. Get ahead by downloading your free RevOps KPI checklist.

Get to know Mallory

Mallory Lee is the Vice President of Operations at Nylas, bringing a wealth of expertise in revenue operations and business operations. With a solid background in both in-house roles and consultancy, Mallory has a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of operations within a business context.

Prior to specializing in RevOps, Mallory honed her skills in marketing and marketing operations, laying a strong foundation for her current leadership role.

Mallory Lee President of Operations at Nylas

The RevOps KPI Checklist You Need

RevOps is the glue that brings together multiple departments, tools, and people — but the path to ROI isn’t always clear. Get the KPIs you need to track your growth and monitor shrinkage in this handy checklist.

Stop guessing and get the science behind measuring your tools and teams.

  • The 10 standard KPIs you should be tracking
  • New KPIs you NEED to be tracking
  • Everything you need to watch to avoid shrinkage
  • How to turn KPIs intro revenue

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