Critical Foundations: Tackling a Customer Mastering Program

We’re excited to give a warm welcome back to Cheryl Leary, Senior Director of Global Sales. She’s an expert in Sales Operations with a focus on CRM, CPQ, and ERP Processes and Tool Transformation. She returns to the Revenue Optimists to talk with David Nelson about:

  • What is a customer mastering program and how do you start it?
  • How to stress test and align customer data across go-to-market teams
  • The most common goals, exceptions, and pitfalls to watch out for

Get to know Cheryl

Cheryl Leary is the Senior Director of Global Sales Operations at Dynatrace. She’s a leader in the SalesOps space with a focus on CRM, CPQ, and ERP Process and Tool Transformation. Before joining Dynatrace, she spent five years at HP, where she was the Manager of the North America CPQ Capabilities and Operations Team.

Cheryl Leary Senior Director of Global Sales Operations at Dynatrace

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