MOps: How to align sales & boost SLA performance

Aligning your marketing and sales teams is no easy task. Yet, building that relationship is crucial for both your revenue and RevOps function as a whole.

Watch our latest episode of The Revenue Optimists featuring Gillian Murphy, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager at GitLab, to learn:

  • How to encourage sales and marketing alignment across different RevOps functions
  • Tactics to align processes and systems
  • How marketing operations can measure and respond to improve effectiveness

Get to know Gillian

With close to a decade of experience in marketing operations, Gillian Murphy has an incredible understanding of lead to revenue management, specifically the role that marketing and sales processes play. She learned the basics of campaign operations during her previous roles at BrightTalk and Dropbox, and her current role at Gitlab primarily focuses on what happens to a lead after it MQLs.

Gillian Murphy Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Gitlab

4 Scenarios where Marketing Ops can help boost SLA performance

“It’s been 34 days since this lead should have been followed up with. How can this happen?!” – said someone, somewhere, way too often.

Master MQL vs. SQL in 3 minutes

Marketing vs. Sales. MQL vs. SQL. Quality vs. quantity. These challenges have persisted for years but not anymore – it’s time to fix them.


What you’ll learn:

  • Quality over quantity: Focusing on high-quality leads.
  • Overcoming Barriers: Resolving the “us vs. them” mentality.
  • Defining Roles Clearly: Distinguishing between BDRs, SDRs, and marketing.
  • Boosting Speed-to-Lead: Implementing best practices and tools.

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