Top Advice From Revenue Leaders at Dreamforce

Want to learn what’s currently top of mind amongst revenue leaders? The Revenue Optimists are bringing you a special episode, hot off the tails of Dreamforce. Hear from some of our RevOps all-stars as they talk about:

  • How to better understand and visualize your territories
  • Creating go-to-market alignment
  • Staying on top of your account data

Get to know the revenue leaders

Priyanka Venkat, Head of GTM Operations, Nooks

Ablla Feliciano, Director of Revenue Operations, Alteryx

Heidi Davis, Customer Data Manager, Zoom

Matt Wester, Sales Planning Manager, Copado

April Moore, Global Sales Operations, Caterpillar

Jonathan Kingsepp, Chief Operating Officer, Invisory

Chris MacLean, Business Tech Leader & Founder, MacLean Marketing

Lauren Magistro, Leadership Coach for Women in Revenue, Lauren Magistro Coaching

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