How To Be Agile in Your GTM

Mike Davis is the founder of GTM Guides and an expert on the Salesforce ecosystem. He’s worked with hundreds of customers and chats with Traction Complete’s Bec Henrich about:

  • The top GTM priorities during a market downturn
  • Whether to build or buy your Salesforce solutions
  • How to stay successful even when you’re struggling to find leads

Get to know Mike

Mike Davis is an expert on the Salesforce ecosystem and Founder of GTM Guides, an organization that helps independent software vendors optimize their selling motions and increase revenue. He’s worked with hundreds of customers, including names like TaskRay, Conga, and Xactly. Join his Salesforce ISV Slack Community to connect with others in go-to-market functions at Salesforce ISVs.

Mike Davis Founder, GTM Guides

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