Buying & selling accounts: A new territory marketplace model

Get the best practices and tools to improve speed & agility in territory planning and execution.

Get to know Drew

Drew Noel is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in go-to-market and revenue operations across B2B SaaS, media, and consumer industries. He has contributed to the success of startups, high-growth companies, and Fortune 500 companies, both as an internal leader and as a consultant.

The Essential Territory Planning Guide

Despite 83% of organizations still relying heavily on spreadsheets for territory design, go-to-market strategies are becoming increasingly complex.


This guide covers best practices and more:

  • Essential pre-project steps for territory planning
  • Overview of approaches and models, including territory account marketplaces
  • Strategies for faster territory reassignment
  • Tips for accelerating deal closure and boosting sales enablement

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