What’s the top GTM priority in a market downturn?

Trouble getting leads? Hear from Mike Davis of GTM Guides on how to increase your conversion rate, even when you’re struggling at the top of the funnel.

Video Transcript

Mike: Let’s call a spade, a spade. You aren’t gonna get as many leads today as you did a year ago. Like, that’s a reality. At the top of the funnel, growth is hard right now.

I mean the economy is one part of it changing, add like advertising environments — another part of it. There’s a lot of kind of headwinds to growing the top of the funnel. And so like this post, he actually put numbers to it. Like if you focus and look to improve your conversion percentages throughout the funnel from MQL to SQL, from SQL to SQO, from SQO to closed won and your average deal size.

And if you, even though the number of leads might be decreasing, if you can improve one, two percent through different parts of your funnel, on the output side it can actually mean more business. And so, like double clicking in, not necessarily getting bogged down and focused on growing the funnel, the top of the funnel which you should be doing anyway, but deconstructing it and creating projects and initiatives to have all of the teams in your revenue group actually improve those conversion percentages.

With the metrics to track it, that should be everybody’s priority right now.

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