Emily Barsky’s Pro Tip

Emily Barksy is the Global Sales Strategy and Operations lead at Codat and the first speaker of Traction Complete’s Revenue Optimists series. Here’s her take on to CPQ or not to CPQ. 

Video Transcript

Dave: So you went through that process, it was timely, it was expensive, it was difficult. Was it worth it?

Emily: We have seen a huge improvement just in the way our data looks in terms of billing. Previously, before we launched CPQ, we were doing all of our billing manually out of spreadsheets. And so the fact that we’ve been able to now automate this process has been a huge win for the business.

But now we’re also able to run analysis on things like discounts by product and products by industry and getting so much more into the data and into the weeds of what we’re selling, how we’re selling it, and all of that, so it’s been a huge win.

It hasn’t been without our pain points but I would say, all around, it’s added a lot of value to the company.

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Ready to learn more about the selling tactics that Emily Barsky uses at Codat, as well the what she looks for when expanding to new markets and sub-industries?

You can listen to her in-depth interview on Episode 1 of the Revenue Optimists series. We’ll see you there.

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