Does RevOps own consolidation of tech stack?

Should RevOps own the consolidation of tech stack? And how does it affect other teams?

Video Transcript

Andrey: This won’t be a surprise but consolidation and tech stack is becoming more and more of a conversation. Thinking about just ad spend in general but also for the sake of convenience for sort of the end users, but also just like overhead for selling sales ops to RevOps teams. If I’m managing three contracts versus one and I’ve got three throws to choke versus one, there’s only so much time right.

I mean we’ve seen that even for Gainsight as a business like who the buyer is and who the decision maker just depending on the business changes. It’s sometimes more and more like CFOs, for example, are in the picture. At one point, senior maturity RevOps teams that we haven’t seen before. And I think that’s a reflection of the fact that you do have sort of this consolidation going on.

Some of this was driven by vendors themselves, you know, you’re rolling out more features, more eccentric customers, not just forcing the conversation. So it’s a very competitive environment for a lot of vendors, certainly. And Sales Ops, RevOps, Marketing Ops teams, are sort of at the front forefront of making those decisions. And again where RevOps can have an advantage is you’re consolidating that decision, at least from an internal coordination perspective. Because so many of these tools impact multiple teams.

So something like an Outreach or a Sales Loft, that’s not just a sales tool realistically. Gainsight, our sales engagement tools, are used by marketing, are used by sales. Our sales intelligence tools are used by marketing teams, by product teams, by customer success teams.

So who owns the tool? Who owns enablement for it? Who owns the renewal for it? It actually becomes a more complex question. And with consolidation, especially for consolidating across the tech stack, whether we have a centralized sort of team like a RevOps team to go to, or you’re trying to have a conversation with multiple stakeholders can really dramatically change, sort of the shape, of either that purchasing conversation or renewal conversation.

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