How can you automate and centralize account data in Salesforce?

Learn how to keep data consistent between your MAP and CRM.

How can you automate and centralize intent data in Salesforce?

Video Transcript

George: Big thing we want to do is we want to obviously be able to flag the accounts, and we want to be able to have that dynamic. I’m gonna switch over to the Marketing Automation Platform. So in Marketo, if we’re building, say we wanna build an invite list for an event that we’re gonna invite our ABM target accounts, we wanna be able to use that top of funnel, middle funnel, bottom funnel information that we get from 6Sense.

We need to be able to see that in real-time in Salesforce and we what we need to have is a template. I should be able to just pull a list without having to Frankenstein anything, it should just be clone and go. And that’s where we’re at right now. So, you know, we have different segments within Marketo we use for top of funnel, middle funnel, bottom funnel. So we’ll say like “Hey, is this account an ABM targeted account? Is it considered for commerce, is it considered our middle funnel?”

Middle funnel we use two of the buying stages that 6Sense gives us. And then from there we can combine the list, put our do not email list on there, and voila, we have all our accounts pulled in there, both leads and contacts. You know, the latter, typically, it’s pretty easy to pull contacts. You can just use an account but here we can segment off like job, level, department. And with Traction, we’ve been using it to match leads to accounts, so we have that relationship as well.

We really don’t spend too much time in analysis paralysis or Frankensteining lists together, it’s pretty quick for us to build lists. A lot of it’s templated, it’s just clone and go, clone and go, which helps us operationalize a lot. It sounds very trivial but so many companies I know get caught up in list building and integrating.

The big thing I always recommend to marketers, and I think every webinar you’ll hear it, have you single source of truth. But like, I cannot echo that enough. Like you know your CRM is typically your single source of truth. If you’re going to be updating accounts, have something that updates your single source of truth and that data is proliferated everywhere. So like when we, for example, our ABM target accounts, we build them. They’re based off 6Sense, they’re based off Salesforce reports, which are fed into 6Sense, pushed back to Salesforce, and then from there it goes to our whole tech stack.

So I can segment in Marketo in real-time. I can push ads to LinkedIn in real-time. I can push ads to Google in real-time, like build audiences based off on this. And this is like within a matter of seconds, no uploading sheets and dicing the data. It’s pretty quick now.

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