How can you expand your ICP beyond industry?

Kieran Snaith and Qualified have started putting less emphasis on industry and more emphasis on whether a company sells B2B and what kind of tech stack they carry. Here’s why.

Video Transcript

Kieran: Technology as an industry is actually, we want to put less emphasis on that because we’re starting to develop our own picture of what a tech company looks like. Industries can sometimes be cumbersome to work with. You might have a healthcare organization that sells soft SAS software B2B but they’ve actually registered themselves as a healthcare organization.

We are trying to circumnavigate, kind of the industries, by saying, “Hey, if you’re B2B in your model and then you have a tech stack, Salesforce marketing, automation, ABM, you know, you’re a fit for us.”

And we’re trying to put less emphasis on that industry, more emphasis on this technology stack, which is a way that we’re expanding kind of our ICP and total addressable market now is saying: “Hey, we know we now know it’s actually these folks that use these technologies that are a true success indicator for us, less so that they’ve registered in the technology or SAS industry.”

So we’re putting a lot of emphasis on that opening up industries. And another thing that we’ve really started to discover is how important website traffic is for our platform.

You know, we entered the year this year and we said hey, to really get great value from qualifying, you need to have a minimum of you know, let’s say 10,000 unique monthly visitors, but we’re starting to get smarter about that and you know, look at different types of profiles, different industries and get smarter about the level of traffic that we’re looking for in certain verticals and segments.

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