What content drives the most pipeline?

Kieran Snaith and Qualified have changed their BDR strategy to focus more on driving quality pipeline through content.

Video Transcript

David: The business development reps themselves or the AEs, is it just calling into those profiles, emailing, social, that kind of thing?

Kieran:  So my next piece of advice and like, you know, I joined and I come from a very call-heavy background and our strategies have changed pretty dramatically here. We use our own software. So our goals and the way that we go to market have really switched to drive the website session, right?

I don’t want to go back and forth with David over email on email times, like it’s a bad experience on both sides. We want to have really engaging content that drives the clickthrough and then we’re focused on delivering a white-glove experience for visitors when they’re on our website. So that’s something that’s just been pivotal for us and the way that we now run our business, is this strategy change of get them to the website because we know magic will happen. And we’re going to be more likely to convert when they’re there on the website.

So that’s been a big thing for just our BDR and AE team. As you can imagine, David just knowing that all you have to do is insert that URL and engaging messaging and then you’ve got a team that will be over there ready to engage, have those conversations and be highly personalized, has been very pivotal for us.

David: Cool. That’s great. And so do I take it then that a major tactic of that BDR team is to just send them a link to the website come check out more kind of thing here and then obviously once they’re on the website, that you’re using your own product to engage?

Kieran: Exactly. So imagine a world where you know, you’ve woken up and you’ve looked at your slack and you can see that one of your top accounts’ intent scores has moved to, you know, to a high degree and you’re like: “Okay, great, you know, they haven’t spent a lot of time on our website yet but they’re doing research on Qualified. I’m going to shoot a note out to the VP of Demand Gen who seems like they would be most relevant.”

If we can get that clickthrough, that BDR right there is able to actually you know “Hey David thanks for clicking through the website, you know, my name is Kieran, real human here. Let me know if you have any questions.”

And you might ask a question like: “Hey, yeah, you know, we use we use X right now, like, can you tell me about how you compare?”

Are you free for a quick call and I could start a call right there through the website and we’re already conversing just after that, clickthrough. We’ve found that that is really the differentiator. We’re able to demo our software and that’s one of the beauties of it. But that’s also one of the things that we’re trying to just educate on in the market as well, right?

It’s like the website is the conversion point — 99.9% of our pipeline flows through our website and our efforts have really gotten behind just driving that traffic. And then just focusing on that conversion. rate.

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