Three tips to build your confidence

To build self confidence means embracing the thought of not being afraid to fail.

Video Transcript

Emily: First realized that we all feel this way at some time or another. You’re never going to know everything about everything. So everyone struggles with having some confidence. You know, more than you realize. I think every time I get into meeting where I’m a little intimidated and I walk out I’m like “Wow! I really knew a lot” and so you can always surprise yourself.

I think the most important thing, which is something I still struggle with remind myself is it’s okay to make mistakes. No one is ever 100% perfect and I think we all hold ourselves to this expectation that you can’t make mistakes and you can’t make missteps. But mistakes are natural. Those are your biggest learning lessons. And I think it’s how you deal with those mistakes or missteps that make you a better person again, so admitting when your loss admitting when you have questions, saying “I think I did this wrong, can you help me?” that’s going to help you grow in your career and it’s not going to be to your detriment, it will only be to your benefit.

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